DEAD HEAD – Depression Tank

DEAD HEAD - Depression Tank
  • 7.5/10
    DEAD HEAD - Depression Tank - 7.5/10


Displeased Records
Release date: February 16, 2009

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20 years after their formation, with a new label on their side (Displeased Records) and a new vocalist/bassist, the Dutch Thrash veterans, Dead Head, celebrate their 20th anniversary.
After two decades, nothing really changed in the band’s approach as they kept on punching with an aggressive form of Thrash Metal in the vein of 90s era Sepultura and the ultimate Thrash gods, Slayer. Depression Tank continues with the same ferocity as its previous album, Haatland, from 2005. Falph De Boer, the new recruit of the band for the vocal’s role (still the acting vocalist/guitarist of another Dutch group named Sidius), gave Dead Head the newer and right edge they needed in order to upgrade their build in the running Thrash Metal onslaught of today. With the ongoing demonic speedy beats and fast forward guitar shredding, De Boer’s voice is only a blessing to the foursome gang.

As far as Depression Tank, it’s the same old story for Dead Head’s fans, Thrash/Speed outburst from all directions with almost no stops at all. The only “so called” stops while trying to pick up the pace on this stream roller are through tracks as the chilling “Nero Dies” and a several few moments on other songs, which their tempos slowed down for you to catch your breath.
However, in the long run, it is a speed racing mania out there so you better buckle up. Besides the speed, which is one of Dead Head’s major commodities, there are the common, yet kicking, Thrash Metal touches of fast chasing solos and lead breaks that resemble the guitar mangling of Slayer’s highly qualified guitarists (Hanneman and King). If you really want to feel those kind of solo firings try the full load of “Daemoniuqe”, the first ever song of Dead Head with love themed lyrics (it’s got to be a nasty surprise). As always with Dead Head, the songs’ likes are no different than anything else they released up to date, same “surprising” cut endings and the same fast tempo/beat changes.

Other than chopping with the semi-tech riffs and cutting edges with speed, Depression Tank is kind of a regular Thrash Metal album, on all of its aggressiveness. This is not what you would call a Bay Area Thrash album, it has the European touches (more German like) written and spread all over it, however, it has certain affiliations to US Thrash.
The bottom line, Depression Tank from the house of Dead Head is a cool 20th anniversary mosh fest and it is a good product from a well-experienced band. Depression Tank is a recommended album to land on your album collection and a great add-on for the fast drivers among you because there is no pit stop with this one.

Additional chops: “Dissolved In Purity”, “Cryptocynic”, “Less Than Zero”, “Murder”.


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