DEATHLIKE SILENCE – Saturday Night Evil

DEATHLIKE SILENCE - Saturday Night Evil
  • 9/10
    DEATHLIKE SILENCE - Saturday Night Evil - 9/10


Spinefarm Records
Release date: January 28, 2009

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Are you into classic Horror stories? Are you into the dark side of grave digging? Here is something that will make you feel good if you decide to take a stroll in your local graveyard place. Deathlike Silence calls themselves “Grave Digger Heavy Metal”. Well, when thinking about it , you can’t compare them to the famous German Metal acts but their themes are , surprisingly, focused on graveyards, undertakers, horrific legends and wicked romances. These Finnish Metal folks really know how darken things up.

Deathlike had dug themselves out from Turku in 2003 and after their demo in 2005 they signed with Dethrone Music to unleash their first grave, Vigor Mortis, in 2007, which for the first time addressed the Metal world with a deathlike silence. Later that year the band released the single , Face Your Death , that was taken from their debut. Almost two years passed and with the band’s new signature in Spinefarm Records, they released their new album, Saturday Night Evil, which is proof that the band had struck gold. This release is a true Dark Heavy Metal killer which shows the dark mixture of burial, death, romance and horror – a well done outcome for the Finns.

The album’s music is a good example of most of the Finnish bands , no matter what sub-genre in Metal they produce. Deathlike Silence are like Children Of Bodom in many ways but in a slow tempo. In addition, they are similar to Sinergy and the late era of the lost Sentenced. All the compositions on the album display darkened or even pale low Heavy Metal riffs by the twin axes. However, these riffs get the blasting support of various colorful lead guitar melodies and smashing solos. The keyboards are also a major factor in areas of this release like in the nice closing tune, “Burning Flesh” . In this one the keys produce an atmospheric melody that elevates the song. In addition, the keys are on a role in “They Will Eat Us”. Probably many of you will think that it is a good Death Metal name for a song but actually, it is an enchaining ballad about the living dead.

Keyboards are an important instrument but this is Heavy Metal, no matter how dark or atmospheric it is – so off to the main course. If you are looking for some pumping 80s like songs, you get “Troops Of Armageddon”. This one has the NWOBHM rhythm, the killing solo break and the keys support and let’s not forget the cute singer, Maya, who shows all the male vocalists that women power is alive and well in this band. Another 80’s gem is the 80’s pop cover of Mike Oldfield’s mystery packed “Moonlight Shadow”. Deathlike really have given this song a blow on the head turning it into a Metal killing machine. The riffs are excellent, the solo is almost like the original, but with different touches, and the vocals are amazing.

Back to Deathlike Silence’s major Dark Melodic Metal style, you have the slow tempo songs of impressive heaviness and artistic vocalic ability by Maya. “Who’s Gonna Bury Me” is the first of these Heavy buggers with a theme that is an issue for everyone who plans his burial routine. This number its some sort of a heavy punching ballad… well executed. “Till Death Tears Apart” is an awesome song with a great atmospheric chorus and unforgettable vocals and lyrics. “The Headsman” joins in with another slow one with piano effect by the keyboard man. The one little thing that is troublesome is that the rhythms in these heavy songs are almost literally the same. The power chords used in these numbers are very common and it’s good to hear them… but not in every song. What saves the songs and make them a level up are the vocals , keyboards , melodic verses and solos.

For the legendaries comes the killing “Dagon”, who is the god of Agriculture and grain. His connection here is that he is an evil god that molests people in order to make them kneel before him. Maybe it’s not a bit of a twist on the legends because Dagon was presented in many faces to different cultures but what the heck – it’s a great piece where the lead guitarist molests his guitar in an energetic solo.

The two great Finnish Metal markers in this album are the first and second tunes. “Trapped In The Night” is what Metal is all about, the mysteries of the night. With the scream of lead guitar and the supporting keys, a classic is born of dead romance. This one is a slow Children Of Bodom without the speed and growls. “And You Cry” sounds like a Warmen tune from his solo works and works with Bodom. This one features a catchy course , as always – a great solo and a wonderful work of the keys.

Deathlike Silence, like was mentioned earlier, have struck gold with a hell of darkened melodic piece of music. This album should board them in the top list of the Finnish Metal scene. Saturday Night Evil proves that Horror and Romance go well together and Heavy Metal is the tool that binds them in chains.


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