SOS – Adult Situations

SOS - Adult Situations
  • 3.5/10
    SOS - Adult Situations - 3.5/10


Release date: January 1, 2009

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SOS is a Hard Rock band from NYC. Adult Situations is their fourth full length. These guys have been around for well over a decade, and their style seems fixated in the commercialized Punk era that’s long gone the way of the dodo. When the Warped Tour was in its heyday and everyone insisted on wearing skate shoes, there was no shortage of bands like SOS. Some of them were actually kind of cool, but the genre went out of fashion because it got repetitive and old. Apparently, someone forget to mention that to these guys.

The band’s sound is largely related to mainstream acts like Green Day and Offspring. That’s an especially accurate comparison when you consider how desperately SOS seems to be reaching for radio airplay. Bottom line is, this stuff has all been played before and it’s been performed much better, too. None of the songs are truly memorable. Some of the Punk based riffs are slightly catchy, but that’s more because they’re eerily reminiscent of so many others you’ve heard.

As you listen to this album, a few things become clear. The pace is fast and the guitars are certainly hard enough. Those may be two integral ingredients for a Hard Rock album, but how ‘bout mixing it up a little? Maybe if they incorporate something unusual into their sound, SOS will attract some real attention. Until then however, this group is just another in a long line of posers. If that sounds harsh, a sampling of their music will most certainly convince you otherwise.

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