VICTOR GANN – The Devil’s Been Busy

VICTOR GANN - The Devil's Been Busy
  • 8.5/10
    VICTOR GANN - The Devil's Been Busy - 8.5/10


Release date: December 18, 2008

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The Devil’s Been Busy is an instrumental album by Victor Gann. By virtue of some brilliant guitar playing, Gann gives all fans of heavy-music-sans-vocals something to look forward to. He hails from the great state of Texas and his skills are as big and brutal as the so-called Lone-Star-State. Gann released a self titled EP a few years back and critics responded positively to it. After giving this one a few spins, there’s plenty of reason to shower praise on this album, too.

Gann usually starts things off by establishing a really catchy and strong riff. Having done that, he then proceeds to play the leads with speed and ferocity. When someone has over twenty years experience playing, you’d expect to hear some pretty good music. If anything, expectations are exceeded with this album. One of Gann’s best tools is the ability to make his guitar seem like the equivalent of a crybaby. He uses the “wah” pedal with great proficiency but doesn’t limit himself by overdoing it and can mix things up by not being heavy all the time.

Gann’s also got a sensitive and wistful side and isn’t embarrassed to show it. Songs like “Shannon” and “Victoria” and “Lullaby For Victoria” are proof that he has tenderness and versatility. The former features Gann’s wife, Shannon, singing the “A-B-C song” and Gann’s daughter also plays a role. Initially, the song may seem a little off-putting or cheesy, but repeated spins reveal how well it balances things. The same could be said for “Lullaby For Victoria”. At first, it strikes you as being a little unusual, but it shows that Gann’s a family man who appreciates what he’s been given in life.

Gann has had some well known teachers. Aside from greats like Nuno Bettencourt and Paul Gilbert, he’s also had lessons from Joe Satriani. Anyone that appreciates the aforementioned guitar players is sure to enjoy what Victor Gann has released. If you’re a fan of Angus Young, you can’t go wrong either, as Gann’s a protégé of his, too. Does he reinvent the wheel on this album? Nope. However, he more than does his idols justice with it.

One of the nice things about instrumental albums is that you needn’t worry about whether lyrics are crappy. You’ll either get music you’ll enjoy or music you’ll dislike. In this instance, rest assured that you’ll be getting quality guitar work with plenty of attitude and flair. There’s some softness thrown in for good measure, but nothing that makes Gann seem like a puss. Arguably, the album could’ve used a few more tracks, as it’s a bit over 41 minutes long, but most everybody wants more of a great thing. This is a strong release that almost all guitar lovers should pick up.

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