SON OF ERIC – Epiphany

SON OF ERIC - Epiphany
  • 8/10
    SON OF ERIC - Epiphany - 8/10


Sugar Shack Records / Nightmare Records
Release date: November 25, 2008

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Vocalist Bryan Erickson wanted, probably, to do his own thing in his new band, Son Of Eric. Bryan is currently the lead vocalist of the American Heavy Metal / Hard Rock act, Torok that, like Son Of Eric, are signed to Nightmare Records. With his new album, Epiphany, Erickson tries to show Torok’s and his fans his darker side.

Though Torok is still out there, Erickson made Son Of Eric his main baby while also taking on additional roles as a rhythm guitarist and bass player, aside from his usual vocals and keys roles. The veteran Greg Morrow made the drumming part. Erickson, with Son Of Eric, preaches darker and groovy Hard Rock / Heavy Metal with influences of Whitesnake, Maiden and the Hard Rockin’ early Badlands and Kingdom Come. Under his helm, Erickson brings in some stars for the solo sections like the virtuoso Todd Duane, who performs on three tracks, his band mate in Torok, and the ex-guitarist of the Speed Metal Impaler, Mike Torok and two more guitarists, John Lylle and Matt Graunke. All this means boys and girls – a hell of a solo party.

Erickson made almost all the production efforts with the assistance of Mike Torok and his touring bass player, Mike Jesmer. Erickson was trying to provide this release a darker edge, yet making sure that his message will be heard. The sound is low and gloomy, much resembling Modern Hard Rock combined with the darkness of early and mid-era Black Sabbath. The drums are pounding and assaulting and solos are well mixed with the rhythm. Erickson did a good job on handling the production work that shows promise.

However, Epiphany can only be recognized as a slight more than average newcomer. Erickson’s material, in some way, sounds sometimes a bit stuck or in a standstill for that matter. Don’t get this wrong folks, this release has some good hard hitters but the material, especially the music, is not lively enough, though many will probably like the doominess of the rhythm guitars. Songs like “Born”, “Fierce” and the opener “The Truth” are not truly fulfilling their promise. Erickson’s vocals are the main thing that actually saves some songs here. With his greatness, John Bush meets Bruce Dickinson’s voice; he just tears off the place. Erickson shows real dominance here and be sure that this is only the tip of the iceberg concerning this guy.

While there are weak spots, there are strong ones as well. Erickson’s decisions to bring additional soloists gave him a hell of an edge concerning the breaking points in the album. Erickson’s melodic and strong approach made him create a few gem songs like the powerful “Black Rain Falls” that has those bluesy cuts to it, the miraculous and best song in this release, “Blind Man” that shows true Hard Rockin’ Heavy Metal. Its rhythm, in some manner, sounds like Guns N’ Roses version of “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” yet Erickson’s vocals cloud the whole thing with an absolutely amazing melodic ability. “Good, Bad, Ugly” is a 70’s Sabbath tune also infused with blues, “Lost And Never Found” is another good Hard Rocker with Erickson as an early John Bush. Finally there is the nice acoustic ballad which is all Erickson’s work on all instruments, “Gone”.

Son Of Eric’s Epiphany is a nice debut release which can give Erickson a good liftoff to future success. Nevertheless, the material needs to be polished abit to make it more exciting than it is now. This important factor, along with Erickson’s amazing vocal ability, will surely grant Son Of Eric the spotlight it deserves – may that happen with their next release.


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