SOLITARY – Requiem

SOLITARY - Requiem
  • 8.5/10
    SOLITARY - Requiem - 8.5/10


Corpo / Casket Records
Release date: November 11, 2008

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It took them 10 years to get back on the album list and here they are. UK Thrash Metal band, Solitary, shows that there are some new signs of life with their new album, Requiem. It is obvious, by the band’s music and undeniable energy, that they reserved a warm spot for Old School Thrash Metal in their hearts and in their way of writing. You can hear influences from the Bay Area scene along with strong doses of Slayer type attacks. However, Solitary, and Requiem in particular, also has many Modern Thrash/Groove elements like Pantera , Callenish Circle , Dew Scented, Carnal Forge and early versions of The Haunted , that mixes well with their Old School vibes.

Requiem is rather different from its previous companion, Nothing Changes, which is rather more Old School than this modernized Thrash Metal piece. Requiem presents a good welcome back party for Solitary with hopes that they will keep up their material writing and their line-up intact.

Judging by their polished modern production, it seems that Solitary came up with the notion that there is something interesting in today’s modern sound. Although, with that modern sound they succeeded in producing some major Old School tunes such as the mighty joint force with Chris Astley of Xentrix , “Hatred” , “I See Nothing”, their cover for Testament’s classic “Into The Pit” and the best track on this release and Solitary’s ace in the deck, ”Keep Your Enemies Closer”. In these mentioned songs, except the cover, you will hear that Old School lives even within this rather modernized engineering. The fact is that the good old heavy Thrash riffs, which were maintained by Slayer and Pantera, are still there. The energetic solos, the mayhemic double bass of a machine by a well acclaimed drummer, flowing bass line and a set of a diverse growly, raspy vocal lines that will even remind of “Peavey” Wagner of the German Power Metallers, Rage.

Another aspect worth attention is that, within all these Thrashy riffs there are various similarities to tunes of Death Metal and even several doomy melodies, which reminds of the old Paradise Lost era. For example, tracks such as “Relentless”, however short, still engulfed with the sense of Death / Doom / Groove feeling, it is like a Pantera / Paradise Lost tag team dance.

There are more highlights to enjoy; “Bone Collector” – a twist that ranges from Old School to Modern Thrash with interesting riffs and a remarkable solo. The self-titled track, “Requiem” – A piece of the Old School Thrash machine to assault your ears, don’t hesitate to scream the chorus with this chaotic headbanger.

Although Solitary is a rather Modern act than an Old School Thrash preserver, they made a well-done comeback album that will seriously mosh you up. Perhaps their riffs are well known and familiar, yet the band’s writing ability defies this notion. Their mix of sub-genres that borders on Thrash makes their music interesting to the listener , however , it would make one do worse deeds for the people around him in the moshpit.


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