ADVERSARY – Singularity

ADVERSARY - Singularity
  • 9/10
    ADVERSARY - Singularity - 9/10


Trustkill Records
Release date: November 11, 2008

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This album is the truest of ways to make modern Melodic Death Metal and that is to do it less Hardcore, use the old Gods of Melodic Death Metal as inspiration, mix clean, growl vocals, and ride on with killing solos. Apparently, other bands are doing the same these days but Adversary tops lots of them with Singularity.

Adversary came forward from Manassas, Virginia in the US in 2003. Since their rising, and until Singularity, the band only released one demo that features some songs that eventually appeared in their full-length release. Singularity was first released in 2007 as a self produced and self distributed release until the band signed with the label Trustkill Records that hosts some other modern acts like Bleeding Through and Walls Of Jericho. The outcome was that near the end of 2008, Singularity was released through Trustkill.

The band’s sub-genre and style of playing makes you go back to the early 90’s when the Gothenburg Melodic Death movement was only recognized in Scandinavia, when In Flames’ Lunar Strain and Dark Tranquillity’s Skydancer were hitting the streets. Adversary used the Gothenburg elements, as a strong influence, to enhance their music. As previously mentioned, other bands did the same. The best example is the Canadian Melodic Death Metal act, Into Eternity. These guys have speed, great production, melodies and a hell of a singer but through Adversary you can feel the power and strength that bands like Into Eternity, however great they are, do not always have.

These two elements should be equally credited to the production team, managed by Gutierrez, and to the band itself. With flawless production and a rain of melodies, driving solos, and combined vocals, Adversary have drawn the line on how modern Melodic Death Metal should be played and this release can be noted as a classic one day. Along with the melodic elements of Scandinavia, there are the powerful rhythms and grooves of the New American Metal movement like Lamb Of God, merely their latest era, and the diverse old Fear Factory.

Same as with the Swedish Death Metal bands, there are a variety of themes that are scattered all over Singularity like cosmic, life, belief etc. The message could be unknown to some listeners but through deep listening of the music, like in many examples in the past, you can feel the words flowing.

It all starts with “Hedonist” which with the first running of fast drumming and screaming growls, you know that this ride is going to be a major blast. Then Gothenburg starts flowing all over along with Mikael Stenne-like growls from the mouth of William Clapp that makes it a killer track. In addition to the strong growls, Clapp has a good ability on the clean vocals, not artistic as Into Eternity’s Stu Block, but rather more dark like Staind’s Aaron Lewis and Soilwork’s Speed Strid.

“The Grand Mistake” continues the mania with more various riffs of old school Melodic Death Metal, especially with melodic fast trills, and strong rhythms. The solo in this one is great, kind like old Heavy Metal along with harmonics between the axmen.

“Singularity” starts with a weird, cheerful opening, and then turns into a groovy Lamb Of God like number but with a solo, a very nice track. Then comes “In Vino Veritas”, which means “In Wine There Is Truth”. Except for the amazing music speedster and bone crushing stuff, the title is unique and original. The use of clean vocals here makes this one more of a catchy tune but it makes the song, along with the speed and solos, a good listen to crowds who do not like Death Metal much and that is why it’s the best around here.

“Manifest Humility” can be considered a Dark Tranquility material of both their eras, truly a nice tune. “Ashes Of Faith” is a well done instrumental that shows all of Adversary’s influences, both groove and the old Melo Death. Within this track there are also verses, which in them can be heard acoustic guitars along with, what seems to be, a Cello or a violin or both.

“Dying Art” is like listening to In Flames’ Jester Race but with the addition of the great clean vocals – quite a memorable one. The closer, “Wisdom In Regret” drives out with power, speed and a closing rhythm that will make you want even more. The solos in this one are a slow piece of work but filled with arpeggios, squeals and some sadness.

Singularity is a piece that should be considered a classic one day. Adversary are doing it right and with hope they will keep on doing so in the future. A great release guys, the Metal world trusts you to bring even a more massive piece next time around!


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