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    SEVEN STEPS TO THE GREEN DOOR - Step In 2 My World - 8/10


ProgRock Records
Release date: November 4, 2008

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What’s interesting about this Progressive Metal is that it’s relatively powerless and plays like meditation or a prayer. It’s mixed in a manner that’s much easier to swallow than so many of the heavier-hitting bands out there in the genre. One could almost dance to its beats. Still, it has as much toe-tapping and head-banging pleasure as any band you could imagine.

They’ve managed their compositions well and demonstrate an understanding when it comes to bridging conflicting themes. Likewise, the songs are extremely balanced as they shift effortlessly between each separate principle in their structured governance.

Once the listener crosses the threshold, adoption of their guidelines should be a very smooth process. However, they do have abrupt mood swings, which is evidenced in the title track. Here, the instrumental solos range from melancholic pensiveness to a funky kind of rage.

Their characteristics are unique, but abstaining from anonymity for a second: an honest comparison can be drawn to Planet P Project. Occasionally, in the regressed sections, they hint to Seal too. Beyond that, it’s difficult to pigeonhole them as they go from unfussy ballads to full-bore Jazz. Most of the time, these sundry elements fit the mold of Fusion best. Then again, unlike the usual free-form improvisers, they have a persuasive voice. Frequently throwing caution to the wind, there’s a significant side effect to their unabashed commitment: A higher order of harmony is heard in scores of unguarded choruses.

With little to no filler in this album, there is hardly any substance abuse occurring in their aural atmosphere. Seven Steps to the Green Door follows every initiative in the musical program, but there’s no denying their skill.

All this aside, the most interesting fact is that sponsors hope their aspirants hear out, uphold, and buy into exactly 12 tracks.


  • Joshua Turner

    Joshua was a reviewer and interviewer here at Metal Express Radio. Iced Earth, Judas Priest, and Opeth are among his favorite bands, as well as Spock’s Beard and The Flower Kings. Once upon a time, the radio was a stopping point for him. From the day he discovered side-projects and Scandinavian imports, it all changed overnight. Outside of music, his passion is roller coasters. But when he's grounded and at home, he belong in the company of musical aficionados and technical shredders. He’ll get his jollies listening to Jazz Fusion when his favorites are in short supply. Still, if he had his druthers, give him a pretentious epic with a high-brow concept any day of the week (and slap on a guitar line with oodles of power chords for good measure).

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