T.Y.R. – All Comes Down To You

T.Y.R. - All Comes Down To You
  • 8.5/10
    T.Y.R. - All Comes Down To You - 8.5/10


Retrospect Records
Release date: November 1, 2008

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T.Y.R., sadly, is one of many Hard N’ Heavy Hair Metal bands that did not survive for long. The truth is that by judging this compilation of songs from their 1986-1988 materials, they could have easily aimed for the top and stood in the same line with the stars of “Hair Metal”.

Since their rise in 1986, in Santa Cruz, California, these guys were a top hit in various clubs in their area, playing Hard N’ Heavy like Twisted Sister meets Dokken. Positively, you can imagine that this mixture is a hell of an item to listen to and to embrace. All Comes To You pretty much sums up T.Y.R.’s career with 9 great songs that truly show their amazing talent to create good and flowing material. Listeners will notice that the band had drawn their influence from the gods of American Hair Metal like Dokken and Twisted Sister and the outcome is laid out before you.

The production of the album is mostly a mix of a couple of recording qualities so it is very hard to rate it. Some of the songs were recorded in 1986, some afterwards in various studios in California with the help of the vocalist, Joel Valentine and others. Retrospect made a real sacred work on gathering the band’s material and making an album out of it just to let the Metal world know what it missed.

It’s not too difficult to understand what T.Y.R. is all about. They’re about love, Rock N’ Roll, wild life, relationships and all the same stuff Hair Metal specializes in. What really kicks here is the “Fight For Your Right To Rock” anthem that many bands do just to lay down something they think is fresh from all those heart breaking stories of lost loves. This number is a page out of “Were Not Gonna Take It” from Twisted Sister. Regarding the songs’ structures, everything is almost by the book. Although many will probably say that its a bit of a drag, but hey, it is not Prog Metal.

The lyrics match the music accordingly. In all tracks, the guitar is strong and heavy that has great moments of massive solo breaks that know exactly where to touch you. “Fight For Your Right To Rock”, like many Rock or Metal anthems, is a major heavy hitter. Aside from the heavy hits come the sweet power ballads like the demo, “Without You” and the semi-ballad speedster, “Too Late Now”. In addition to their original material, T.Y.R. recorded an upbeat cover of Elvis Presley’s “Heartbreak Motel”, which turned out good.

However good T.Y.R. are, they still lack more enthusiasm in their music that occasionally sounds great, but lacks the energy of say a Dokken or Twisted Sister.

The music wouldn’t move the Hair Fans without the great members of this group. The ones bearing special mention are the vocalist, Valentine and Guitarist, Michaels. Valentine is a well talented vocal man who sounds almost the same as a Dee Snider, but he differs from him by surprising listeners with high-pitched breaks that Dee wished he could have done. Michaels is a hell of an axeman, although he is not as versatile as a George Lynch he still blasts through with great riffs and powerful solos.

All Comes Down To You is a compilation, yet not a “Best Of” album. Nevertheless it poses some great tracks that can make it, in a way, an almost “Best Of” release. The party begins with “Are You Lonely” which is a hell of a track and the best one in the whole shebang. The amazing demo power ballad, “Without You” comes across as the second best. It’s a shame that this one wasn’t re-recorded. “Tell Me No Lies”,“City Of Angels” and “Looking Out For Number One” are straight Hard Rockers with great guitar work, carrying the old flame. The anthem “Fight For Your Right To Rock” is an ass kicker that delivers a good example of an Rock anthem.

It all comes down to this, All Comes Down To You is a great memoriam of a great band. Today it is unknown what the band’s current status is, but we would probably hear from them if they will pop up again. Enjoy!!


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