WILD SIDE – Indication

WILD SIDE - Indication
  • 2.5/10
    WILD SIDE - Indication - 2.5/10


Wild Side Music
Release date: October 22, 2008

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Norwegian Wild Side is not a fresh addition to the Melodic Rock scene. Their debut album Indication won’t gain much attention. Here’s the reason why.

The first song “Where Are You Now” is a song you’ve heard a thousand times before. Nothing special at all, in fact it just goes nowhere. The guitar sound is crappy and sounds like it could have come from Ratt’s Invasion Of Your Privacy from 1986. The vocalist seems like he’s totally uninterested in doing the record and stays like that all the way through. But the worst thing about this record is the unbelievably bad lyrics.

The second song has potential for a while with a great opening riff but the endless galloping becomes just tiring. However, the guitar solo is great! TNT singer Tony Mills is credited for backing vocals on this album and you can hear that from the very interesting vocal harmonies he makes, they sound much like those he came up with on his latest solo effort.

On track four you’re exposed to the awful bass sound. It’s a cool riff but definitely used before plenty of times.

On track five, did the drummer listen to Kingdom Come’s “Get It On” before doing the intro for this one? The break is identical and that wasn’t very cool.

Track number seven is a classic 80s Metal tune with cool guitar riffing. But again you get stuck on the terrible lyrics.

Let’s hope for a far better follow up to this dead-end album. That might save the band from the fate they are looking at right now.


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