PRESTO BALLET – Lost Art Of Time Travel

  • 8.5/10
    PRESTO BALLET - Lost Art Of Time Travel - 8.5/10


Progrock Records
Release Date: September 23, 2008

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Presto Ballet was founded by Metal Church guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof. Together with him you’ll find singer Scott Albright, former Hall Aflame drummer Bill Raymond, bassist Izzy Rehaume and keyboardist Ryan McPherson. Together they have recorded a great record that is worth a listen.

The opening track entitled “The Mind Machine” is a true Progressive tune, evolving all the time and has a running time of almost eleven minutes. Right from the beginning you’re presented with progressive rhythms in a 70s-like style. The music is mostly carried by the organ and keyboards which deliver splendid melodies upon the great foundation which is made in the rhythm section. The singer is also fantastic. His voice is high-pitched, makes you think of a dark mix between Geddy Lee and Freddie Mercury. Midway in the song a keyboard solo comes where the keyboard player pays a little tribute to the legendary classical piano piece “Für Elise”. The tune is really great, with many interesting parts and progressions.

Second song is “Thieves” and on this one the singer really sounds like Queen-singer Freddie Mercury, at least during the verse. This is also a very long and complex tune, just like the previous one. The organ gives it that sound of a 70s progressive band which is very cool.

The third song “You’re Alive” is maybe what you would call the “hit” from this album. The running time is 4.24 and it sounds very commercial, opening with acoustic guitars and some very nice vocal lines singing the title of the song. However, it stays like this until the end. Definitely the most uninteresting song on the album and makes you wonder why they added it to the record at all, it absolutely goes nowhere.

The following tune however compensates for the futile listening. “One Tragedy At A Time” is fourteen minutes long and it passes by before you notice it, a fantastic song! It features many great parts and motives.

This would be the definitive purchase for those that are into old-style Progressive Rock and also for those that love music in general. This album takes you on a journey way back to the 70s and the likes of Yes, Genesis and Kansas.


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