DREAMTIDE – Dream And Deliver

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    DREAMTIDE - Dream And Deliver - 8.5/10


AOR Heaven
Release Date: August 29, 2008

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Helge Engelke should not be an unknown name among Melodic Rock fans! He is maybe best known to be the long time guitarist for the German band Fair Warning but contributes as a studio musician on several recordings. Alongside all this he has been the mastermind for the Melodic Rockers in Dreamtide. On 29th of August they release a completely new album entitled Dream And Deliver, an album that is literally a Melodic Rock explosion! With him in the band we find such names that aren’t unfamiliar to the Melodic Rock fan. Drummer C.C Behrens is maybe recognized by many as being Helge’s band mate in Fair Warning. Olaf Senkbeil is currently working with Uli John Roth but has also worked with other great artists such as doing backing vocals for the latest studio efforts from both Saxon and Blind Guardian. Bassist Francis Buchholz is known for his time with Scorpions and keyboardist Torstein Luederwaldt, who is a member of Fair Warning alongside Helge and C.C.

“A Fools Crusade” opens the show with a thundering drum break from C.C Behrens. Then the entire band comes in and you’re immediately aware of the guitar, it’s absolutely impossible not to recognize Engelke’s guitar sound. He does some extraordinary work on the strings along with the flavourful vocal performance of Olaf Senkbeil. Coming a little deeper into this one you might also discover that the production is a bit similar to the Fair Warning album “Brothers Keeper” from 2006.

“Same Star” is an unbelievable catchy ballad. It drives its way forward by Funk-alike rhythms, mind-sticking melodies and hooks. Coming to the end of this one you’re again presented to the outstanding guitar work of Engelke. This man is a true star on the Melodic Rock heaven as well as on the heaven of the guitar heroes! Following this tune is the slow rocker “Your Beat” which starts with a very unexpected acoustic guitar intro. The chorus on this one is indeed worthy of a great sing-along in concerts. Don’t struggle with the intentions of forgetting it, because it seems impossible to get it out of your head during the following couple of days after listening. Also check out the song “Download A Dream” which definitely has the greatest solo moment of Helge Engelke on this record! Looking apart from that, it is also a very fine song in true Melodic Rock style.

What really kicks this record much further is the fantastic guitar playing of Mr. Engelke. His trademark arpeggios flow in great numbers, leaving you with a smile covering your face. There’s nothing else to say; he is just a fabulous musician! One should not forget the other members of the band that also makes this record what it is. C.C Behrens is one of the most respected drummers in Melodic Rock and after listening to this record it is not difficult to understand. The strong voice of Olaf Senkbeil carries this record forward making it interesting all the way through. It’s not only his vocal lines alone that should get all the credit because there are some very great choir arrangements on the album as well. Keyboarder Torstein Luederwaldt creates the floating atmosphere that lies over the music all the way and the interesting, not predictable bass lines of Francis Buchholz makes a great foundation together with the drums.

Since this Dreamtide features three members of Fair Warning it’s not a surprising thing that their music sounds very similar to Fair Warning. However, this record sounds better than the latest effort from the mentioned German Melodic Rockers. Dream And Deliver is an album with a rough and yet polished sound. It sounds fantastically fresh! It’s been a while since the two previous records were released; Dreams For The Daring (2003) and Here Comes The Flood (2001). But after all, this one was worth waiting for!

1. A Fools Crusade
2. I Don’t Wanna Wait
3. Same Star
4. Your Beat
5. Dancing When The Night Falls
6. King Of Scum
7. Download A Dream
8. Tell Me How It Feels
9. Stronger
10. To Everybody
11. Keep From Falling
12. The Vom
13. Help Me
14. Download A Dream (reprise)

Helge Engelke – Guitars
C.C Behrens – Drums
Olaf Senkbeil – Vocals
Francis Buchholz – Bass
Torstein Luederwaldt – Keyboards



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