at Lakewood Amphitheatre, Atlanta, GA, USA, Sunday July 27, 2008

With a lineup consisting of Sebastian Bach, Dokken, and Poison you are basically guaranteed a damn good concert. The concert in Atlanta, Georgia was just that. This lineup and concert is a chance for all you “mid-life crisis” partakers to go back and visit your youthful years of the 80s. Hence, the people wearing fake mullet wigs and the ones who sported the real thing.

First up was the former vocalist of Skid Row, Sebastian Bach. Bach did show his talented vocals that night, although you can tell it takes some effort compared to his younger years to hit those high notes, but no one can escape age. He sang some classics such as “Youth Gone Wild”, “I Remember You” and “18 and Life” along with some off of his solo album Angel Down (“Angel Down” and “You Don’t Understand”). Sebastian really does have fun on stage, and you could tell when he brought Bobby Dahl’s son, Zach, on stage to sing with him. Performance-wise he wasn’t bad at all: he played every corner of the stage and invited the audience to sing along with him. A few dedicated fans even threw a “Sebastian Bach I remember you” sign up, which he held up proudly. Overall his set was awesome.

Second was Dokken. There weren’t as many seats filled for this set but hell, they played an exceptional show. They played some oldies like “Into the Fire” and one off their newer album, “Standing on the Inside”. Don Dokken, like Bach, can’t hit the high notes as he did in the 80s but the man can still put on a GREAT show, besides the dude’s not 20 anymore. When “Alone Again” came up, the fans loved it: swaying back and forth and singing along, it was incredible. Don kept the audience taking part in the show. He had them singing into the microphone and everything. Dokken has an exceptional theme to them; it really is “a Dokken thing”.

And ah, Poison. The band who could drop a towel and the fans would go wild. With Bret Michaels’ part in the hit show “Rock of Love” their fan base grew to enormous heights. Their set was the longest, craziest and even had pyrotechnics. Chicks were taking their shirts off, one threw her bra up on stage, it was wild. They had that “Warning: Adult Content” in the beginning for a reason. Poison played legendary songs such as “Unskinny Bop”, “Talk Dirty to Me”, “Look at What the Cat Dragged In” and “Fallen Angel”… much like the set list from last year. Which brings to mind what he said then; Bret said he was going over seas to play for the troops last tour, and he did just that! While he was talking about how it was, they showed pictures of him with the US army on the big screen behind the band. It really does show Bret’s patriotism and honesty. This dude really does keep promises. Anyways, back to the set, Poison had an outstanding stage performance; it more than pleased the fans. Poison was the cherry on the icing of the cake.

Although the show didn’t sell out as it did last year, it really outdid the performances of last year. There were more fans dressing up and reliving their past and youthful years there than you see at Disney. Poison was the cherry, Dokken was the icing, Bach was the fudge, and the fans were the cake. Without one or the other, it wouldn’t be as perfect as before. This show by far will go into Metal history.


  • Jacky Linville

    Jacky was a reviewer here at Metal Express Radio, based out of the state of Georgia in the USA. She's a die hard Metal fan. Due to no musical influences besides The Beatles growing up, it was a little difficult to find her true "vibe" in music, but once she heard Children of Bodom she was hooked like a kid to candy. When she started playing guitar, she got more turned on to Metal. Playing guitar was influenced from Metal to Classical music. Her guitar idols are Zakk Wylde and Dimebag. She listens to everything from Slayer to Bach to true 80's. She's the kind of chick that'd rather be at a Metal concert standing next to some old sweaty guy than be at home watching movies.

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