FINAL CURSE – Constructing The Destructive

FINAL CURSE - Constructing The Destructive
  • 9/10
    FINAL CURSE - Constructing The Destructive - 9/10


Dark Harvest Records / Fallen Brother Records
Release date: July 21, 2008

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Watch out Thrashers, because there is a new powerful force in Thrash town and they are aiming for the kill. Armed with influences of Testament, Megadeth, Metallica, early Pantera and Slayer, Final Curse are the future and the new best thing in American Thrash Metal – and that is guaranteed in their debut album, Constructing The Destructive and that’s 100% Thrash Metal – No Bullshit.

Formed in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2006, the band’s obvious plan is to take the Thrash Metal genre back to its golden days of the 80s and early 90s – their plan succeeded by mixing various Thrash elements like NWOBHM, Heavy Metal á la Black Sabbath and portions of classic Death Metal. In 2007 they made their first statement with an EP called, Cursing The Deceivers. In 2008, with the direction of Rob Tavaglione at Catalyst Recording, they made their debut release, Constructing The Destructive, that gave them the option, which they took, to sign with Dark Harvest Records.

Under Tavaglione’s production skill, the production turned out to be an amazing one, which gave this release a really “old time” feeling to it. The sound is brutal and dark that very much resembles Slayer’s era between South Of Heaven and Divine Intervention, however here Final Curse stepped on the gas paddle. In that period, which the band chose to focus on their music, was where the Thrash Metal band had made some major classics recordings. Moreover, the guitars sound exactly like Slayer’s glory days, drums included which sound just like in Divine Intervention. You can say that the aura around this release is more Slayer-ish than any other Classic Thrash Metal band.

Final Curse’s material is charging, brutal and especially angry with everyone. Mike Plowman, vocalist and guitarist and Madison Stegall, backing vocals and guitarist, as the music / lyrics writers, made sure that this release would be as angry and aggressive as hell. The music crafted by these guys is well constructed and shows a great achievement in making it complex and interesting.

Although the songs are not major hits, and certainly are not that catchy, the musical complexity makes them a great listen. Just like the gods of Thrash Metal, Final curse took exactly those as examples to make their music as good as it turned out to be. There are many tracks here that sound like Slayer, mostly because of their linkage to Black Sabbath that with the addition of aggressive riffs and maniacal solos make them brutal and bestial.

Awesome tracks like “Alone In Death”, “Hottest Seat In Hell” and “Unveil The Eyes” are the second best thing close to Slayer. Also the latter has that Sabbath tri-tone rhythm which even more so makes it a classic and near its end has the Slayer-ish riff that resembles the “Behind A Crooked Cross” mind-blower. Other tracks in this cracker are more a mixture of Testament, Pantera, Metallica and Megadeth, most of them are as great as the Slayer-ish ones. “Who Am I?” and “Never Gone” are great Metallica influenced songs that gives the feeling of “And Justice For All” but much more complex with Testament riffs and solos a’la Alex Skolnick. “Slie” and “Secret Confession” are two aggressive Pantera meets Testament attackers that shows the true form of early Thrash.

Now let’s give a small closure to the boys that made this album as true as it should be for a Thrash group. Mike “Plowmania” Plowman is a great Thrash singer who lets out his anger with great vocalist skill that resembles a combination of many Thrash figures around the late 80s. Madison Stegall along with Plowman shows great musicianship regarding the guitar work. These two produce some crashing riffs, melodic lead riffs and amazing solo parts. “Stevo” Moore, the bass player, gives the former’s great back up with good bass skill and Brendon Blackwelder, sadly the ex-drummer, made himself a good Lombardo / Bostaph.

Final Curse is what all Thrash Metal bands should aim for. The young new Thrashers of today should recognize the ingredients to make good pure Thrash that will be praised with blood in the mosh pits zones. The Metal world should take care of these guys cause their efforts are gold.


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