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    APPEARANCE OF NOTHING - Wasted Time - 7.5/10


Release date: July 18, 2008

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The Swiss Progressive Metal band Appearance Of Nothing have been around for a while. They were founded way back in the 90s, then under a different name. Through the years they have had some line-up changes before their recent line-up was complete. Since the beginning they have been writing their own originals and have now released their debut album Wasted Time on Escape Music.

The album is opened by the progressive rhythms of “Man In The Mirror”. Some parts sound like they were something Symphony X could have come up with, not that strange because Symphony X are one of the greatest influences of the band. The refrain sounds great, featuring a vocal line that at first sounds weird but becomes cool after a couple of times listening to it.

“Drifting Away” is another fine song, much slower than the opener. It’s not a stand-out tune, actually, the main reason this song is mentioned is because of the outstanding guitar solo. Guitarist Peter Berger does a tremendous job throughout the entire album, especially on the solo that appears in this song.

The masterpiece of this record is the ten minute long “The Science Of Light” which has three subtitles, the opening part is “Into The Light”. It’s an instrumental and up-tempo song working as an intro featuring grandiose keyboards and thundering drums, supported by aggressive guitars and a mountain steady bass. As this theme ends we’re presented to a lot of interesting and experimental parts featuring plenty of different harmonies and chords. The next subtitled song is “Out Of The Dark” where the vocalists first appear. It’s easy to hear that this is something the guys have been working hard on, a worthy composition indeed. In this part of the song a very exciting keyboard solo appears shortly after followed by some moody, dark keyboards that is the foundation for news reporters talking about global warming. The beginning of the ending part of the song is “Reprise” which starts out with some fashionable keyboard riffs. Again guitarist Peter Berger does an tremendous job with the guitars. Keyboarder Mark Petralito also has some awesome shredding moments on this one as well. He really shows that he also can handle fast playing as well as what he has presented earlier on the record.

“The Last Song” is the ending piece of music, only floating on piano and vocals. It turns all tensions down and lets your ears relax a bit with a beautiful composition before the end. However, the ending words of the lyrics for this one is funny, hopefully that was the purpose.

The production of the album is rough but clear, making an interesting sound. The drums are not overproduced but find their rightful place. Both guitars and bass sound good as well, a little more rough-edged sound in the bass wouldn’t have hurt anyone but it’s all about taste, it surely sounds good the way it is on the album anyway. The vocals of Omar and Pat are great; they both fill in each other throughout the album and make a terrific sound together.

This is surely the “appearance of something”! Listening to this record makes you hungry for more from the Swiss quintet. Let’s hope they’ll get busy writing another album very soon!

  1. Man In The Mirror
  2. The Gambler
  3. Drifting Away
  4. Wasted Time
  5. Wrapped In Silence
  6. Lies Of A Memory
  7. The Science Of Light
    7.1 – Into The Light
    7.2 – Out Of The Dark
    7.3 – Reprise
  8. The Last Song

Omar Cuna – Vocals, bass
Pat Gerber – Vocals, guitar
Peter Berger – Lead guitar
Mark Petralito – Keyboards
Yves Lüthi – Drums


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