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Progress Records
Release Date: June 27, 2008

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Unifaun is a Swedish Progressive Rock band that set out to make the songs Genesis never did. The two men behind the name Unifaun met at a forum for Genesis fans, and after a while they found out they had a lot in common and decided to work together. As a result they recorded their self-titled debut album; Unifaun.

Unifaun’s music sounds extremely similar to what Genesis sounded like between 1972 and 1980. They’ve used Banks-like organs and mellotrons which more or less was a trademark for Genesis between 1972 and 1974, and lots of the songs are long, complex and intricate just like Progressive Rock in that time. Nad Sylvan’s voice sounds frighteningly like a mix of Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins, and at times it’s difficult to tell if it’s one of them singing or if it’s just Sylvan.

The label says in a press release that a couple of the tracks on this album “…could have been written for [the Genesis album] The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway as well as for the Duke.” As you may have guessed already; this album lacks originality.

All the songs are written by Unifaun during the last four years, with the exception of “Mr. Marmaduke And The Minister” which was written and performed by a late 70’s Progressive Rock band led by Sylvan. This is also the only song worth spending some time listening to. And while you’re at it; the album cover art is one of the saddest attempts to make “weird” art with a “deeper meaning” to it, that you’ll find on a CD in 2008, or ever for that matter. It’s simply very depressing.

On their website, Unifaun states “…somebody pointed out we’re not just another Genesis tribute band. We’re a Genesis soundscape band. We don’t cover their songs. So, suppose that makes us a Genesis soundscape band, and not a Genesis tribute band.” Well, the Eskimos have a great number of words for snow, but no matter how many names it has it is still… snow. It’s the same with Unifaun; you can say you’re only living in another band’s soundscape all you want, but in the end, a band that tries to sound just like another band and are even promoting themselves by saying that these songs could have easily been taken off this Genesis album, and those songs could have been taken off that Genesis album, is, and always will be, a Genesis tribute band!

There is nothing original about Unifaun’s music at all, and it belongs in the Genesis forum, not in record stores! If the financial crisis that recently struck the world economy is good for something, then let’s hope it makes the record labels more selective about what they release so that we don’t have to suffer through albums like this anymore. If you want to listen to Genesis, go buy a Genesis record. Don’t waste your money on this.
Unifaun represents everything that is wrong with the music business these days; it’s far too easy to get a record released!

Unifaun line-up:
Nad Sylvan – Vocals, guitars, keyboards, drums
Bonamici – Keyboards, basses, percussion

Album track list:

  1. Birth Of A Biggie
  2. To The Green Faerie
  3. Mr. Marmaduke And The Minister
  4. Swingers Party
  5. ReHacksis
  6. Quest For The Last Virtue
  7. A Way Out
  8. Finistére
  9. Welcome To The Farm
  10. Maudlin Matter
  11. Bon Apart
  12. End-or-Fin


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