STONEFUZE – Stonefuze

STONEFUZE - Stonefuze
  • 9/10
    STONEFUZE - Stonefuze - 9/10


CM Sweden/ Rivel Records
Release date: June 20, 2008

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It’s been a while since the arrival of a band with something really good to offer in the biker’s branch of the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal genre. Sure, Viking Skull has delivered some great Hard Rock music, but their lyrics were more centered on booze and drugs rather than bikes. Therefore it was about time that the Swedish band Stonefuze took matters into their own hands again. The band was formed back in 1989 under the name Cornerstone, and the band kept it going for almost ten years recording their last album Jesus Rides Harley Too in 1998. Now they’re back with their fourth album, Stonefuze, which is an album filled with an uncompromising hybrid of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and a passion for motorcycles.

“God loves motor music” they claim throughout the song “Motor Music.” The song starts with a heavy bass riff, and continues alongside the guitars and drums. The bass sound is great on this record. Bass player Samuel Gustafsson has used just the right amount of distortion and not only does it sound great, it also makes sure that the bass is “visible” behind the guitar riffs he often doubles. The vocal is crucial to this kind of music. You can’t have a guy with a soft voice singing his heart out; you need a guy who sounds like he’s been out there riding his Harley and had his share of whiskey. Kent Franklin has that kind of voice. He has a certain rawness to his voice that is just perfect for the music they’ve created.

The first four songs are great Rock songs, but from number five, “Pollution Solution,” and out… the album is dominated by catchy and memorable riffs. Songs like “Just Do It,” “Loud Guitars” and “Grinding” are incredible hard-hitting Rock songs that will please anyone, even those who are remotely interested in the genre. “Loud Guitars” is destined to be a crowd-pleaser during live concerts, and it has to be said that this album is too good to only be played inside on the stereo, so let’s hope they take this circus on the road and give the people what they need; a real live dose of “Heavy Harley Music”!

Inside the booklet you can read the following inscription: “This album should be played at full volume for guaranteed best experience.” For once you should take inscriptions like this seriously. One could argue that Stonefuze is filled with clichés, but so what if it is? This album is filled with great Hard Rock/Heavy Metal and should be listened to when you’re drinking, riding your bike (preferably not in that order) or when you’re just in the mood for some great music that kicks ass.

Stonefuze is

Kent Franklin – Guitar and vocals
Samuel Gustafsson – Bass
Mattias Holm – Guitar
Mick Nordström – Drums


  1. Alive
  2. Apocalyptic
  3. Fire And Flames
  4. Motor Music
  5. Pollution Solution
  6. Redeemer
  7. Just Do It
  8. Pour Some Love
  9. Loud Guitars
  10. Grinding
  11. Unknown


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