TEASER – No Big Deal

TEASER - No Big Deal
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    TEASER - No Big Deal - 5/10


Release date: June 1, 2008

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The 80s, love them, hate them, but they’re the core of Metal. Metal really took its first steps in those hair days. Today few bands still have that eighties feel to them. The Swedish band Teaser however, is one of the rare ones who still sports that unique sound, but with a modern melodic twist.

In Teaser’s album, No Big Deal, we really get to see a share of clean and melodic guitars, sick eighties solos all intertwined with a Rock-meets-Old School sound. The first track, “Tease Her” opens with a solo that just brings you back in time. cAndy is the definition of Teaser themselves. It has everything from solos, to a melodic voice to those parts where you just want to sing your lungs to exhaustion.

“Make up your Mind” follows this awesome song. It opens up with a demanding guitar dancing with the drums. For a few seconds in the beginning they almost sound like Queensrÿche. This track however is a bit slower than the others. But don’t think that it takes away from the quality. “Guilty of Love” waltzes in with sort of an easy mystic tone then goes into distorted guitars and an upbeat drum. cAndy’s vocals really hit some ranges here, showing his strength. This track is like a present day eighties ballad.

Teaser is currently working on the soundtrack for the new movie “Back Both Ways”. If you’re into the Melodic/Rock/Eighties Metal then check Teaser out. With a name like Teaser how could you not like them?


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