MIDNITE CLUB – Circus Of Life

MIDNITE CLUB - Circus Of Life
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    MIDNITE CLUB - Circus Of Life - 8/10


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Release date: May 30, 2008

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Not to be confused to the similarly-named – but spelled slightly differently – series of racing videogames, Midnite Club is a German Hard Rock band that has been around for a little while, having released their first album Running Out of Lies in 2003. While a follow-up disc went into production not long after the debut, a series of complications saw that album get put off for a while. Eventually the sophomore effort, Circus of Life, would get back online for release in 2008.

The 11-track Circus of Life hopes to pick up some of the momentum the five-member Midnite Club may have lost while trying to get this album finished and released.

Right from the opening song, “Circus,” it’s obvious that the long layoff hasn’t hurt Midnite Club in the slightest: it’s a high-energy, up-tempo Hard Rock tune with lots of good heavy riffs and catchy vocals. The chorus of this song, like most of the others on the album, will get stuck in your head on the first listen.

Most of the songs that follow “Circus” follow the same pattern as the opener: big riffs, melodic vocals, lots of energy, giant choruses, and a slick production. Lead singer Carsten Schulz has a strong voice, and guitarist Steffen Seeger cranks out lots of good riffs and flashy solos, making all the songs worth listening to. The keyboards of Holger Seeger are present and accounted for, but don’t dominate any songs, preferring to add a nice accent to the proceedings. They’re used pretty well on “Shelter From the Storm” and “Calling For Crazy” though, making those songs stick out a bit.

Of the 11 songs on Circus of Life, nine of them are fast-moving Hard Rock opuses that fans of Germanic Hard Rock will enjoy quite a bit. The exceptions are the mid-tempo “Memories For Sale” and album-closing ballad “Crying in a Dream.” The last song on the album is good, but ends Circus of Life on a bit of a slow note.

The sixth track on Circus of Life is a bit of a curio: a cover of the Kenny Loggins classic “Danger Zone” from the movie Top Gun. If you’re familiar with the original, Midnite Club’s version will sound a bit odd as it makes some departures from the Loggins version. On its own the song is respectable, and if nothing else Midnite Club deserves some credit for not churning out a note-for-note remake.

Circus of Life is a solid second outing from Midnite Club, so step right up and enjoy.


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