TIGERTAILZ – Young And Crazy (Re-release)

TIGERTAILZ - Young And Crazy (Re-release)
  • 6/10
    TIGERTAILZ - Young And Crazy (Re-release) - 6/10


Krescendo Records
Release date: May 27, 2008

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In the late 80s, in the midst of all the American Hair Metal and Glam being released, a UK band surfaced purporting to be the UK’s premier Glam Rock band. After releasing a self-financed debut EP in Shoot To Kill, Tigertailz released their debut album in 1987 entitled Young And Crazy on the then popular Music For Nations label. Now in 2008 little known label Krescendo Records, who specializes in the re-issues of Classic Rock/Hard Rock/Heavy Metal albums of the past three decades, has added the re-issue of Young And Crazy to their line-up.

Some Tigertailz fans might refer to this debut album as the band’s pinnacle release as it was the only full album release with Steevi Jaimz at the microphone. If you’ve never heard of Tigertailz or this release then here’s what you’re in for.

The band, like many others at the time, weren’t afraid to use a little blush as the foursome look like poster children for the bastard offspring of the 1980’s version of the USA’s Poison. Unfortunately, that’s where the similarities end as Young And Crazy just doesn’t yield, even to this day, that one over the top “hit” to make the release completely memorable or to fester more than a few replays. Many of these tracks come close but there’s just that ‘something” missing to create a mass hysteria effect.

Jaimz’s vocals are nowhere as melodic as Bret Michaels’ were at the time and are at oftentimes grittier and seemed more spoken then sung on this recording leading to forgettable choruses. In his defense, Jaimz’s modern day work puts this recording to shame unfortunately. The brightest spot of this release is the piercing guitar solo work of Jay Pepper, which is cause for grabbing one’s attention of an otherwise mundane Glam track.

As for the re-release, the packaging includes some nice live pics and a one page, adequate write-up of the band. The front and back cover art appear to be reprints of the original album artwork which makes the text on the back cover very tiny and indiscernible without a magnifying glass. There’s also no mention to whether this was re-mastered at all.

Bottom line, this wasn’t Tigertailz’s shining moment but this release is a part of Glam history, so on that merit it deserves some attention. It’s recommended for Pepper’s compelling guitar work but it’s probably one you won’t reach for often making this one more of a collector’s item then a “can’t miss” buy.


Steevi Jaimz – Vocals
Pepsi Tate – Bass
Jay Pepper – Guitars
Ace Finchum – Drums


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