ANGEL BLAKE – The Descended

ANGEL BLAKE - The Descended
  • 6.5/10
    ANGEL BLAKE - The Descended - 6.5/10


Dynamic Arts Records
Release date: May 23, 2008

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Angel Blake could be thought of as Marko Tervonen’s other band. When not working with The Crown, he has this group to keep him occupied. There are fundamental differences between the two bands. For starters, the vocals in Angel Blake, which are provided by Tobias Jansson, aren’t rooted in Death growlings. What you get here is clean singing that’s laden with plenty of emotion and the occasional bit of harshness. Also, the guitars here aren’t Thrash based. There’s a much more melodic feel, but with plenty of crunch that keeps things from going soft.

The Descended is very much a showcase for Marko Tervonen’s many skills. Truly, this is a man whose musical talents know few bounds. As if writing all the music and lyrics weren’t enough, all of the instruments on this release were played by Tervonen. He was also responsible for the engineering and mixing. In addition, he had a hand in the mastering of the album. You probably guessed that he produced the record, too.

Where the actual playing is concerned, there’s really not much to complain about, but Angel Blake doesn’t provide the most refreshing sound. There’s nothing a seasoned Metal fan hasn’t heard before. If you want a modern and dismal feel, Tervonen provides just that for the entirety of this endeavor. Songs like “Alone” are a downer where vox go, as Tobias Jansson seems to sound a little too monotonous for most tastes.

The themes that are tackled are equally as dark as the music. Tervonen explores death, falls from grace, lies, and loneliness. “In Silence – Augerum” sees a lighter, but still gloomy side of Angel Blake and could be considered a highlight. “The Descended” is a strong point because of the aggressive nature of Jansson’s vocals. Tervonen’s guitars sound rather conventional in the title track, but they work well alongside Tobias’ tone.

Overall, this is a solid release, but it will blow few Metal fans away. Fans of The Crown might want to consider giving this stuff a try. For the rest of us, there just isn’t enough to rave about. Although Marko Tervonen has plenty of ability, The Descended might’ve sounded stronger if its influences were more varied.

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