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Release date: May 10, 2008

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The Way Of The Fist takes the listener through a journey of the real, ugly life that most of the new age people prefer to ignore while still living it. It is all about cruelty, violence, hate or self-hatred, break-up or break neck, pain, mistrust and even revenge. Five Finger Death Punch gives society a huge blow to the face with a message that says: “Wake up you assholes life isn’t grand all the time”.

The “punching fists” came from one of the perfect places to get influences for their material, Los Angeles, California, back in 2005. After two years of working on material, the Modern Groove Metal dudes recorded their first EP under Firm Music, Pre-Emptive Strike, which was the pre-emptive shot before they released their full length debut album, The Way Of The Fist, that came out, originally, in July 2007. In May 2008 the band re-released the record under Spinefarm Records with two additional tracks – so get ready to fight for your life, because this trip is going to hurt!

Five Finger Death Punch has created a release that can excite, or draw, even the old school people. The Way Of The Fist delivers, with the help of excellent production by two members of the band, guitarist Zoltan Bathory and drummer Jeremy Spencer, a load of anger and disappointment that is fueled by the themes of everyday life.

The band channeled their anger against naivety with attacking music along with “don’t mess with the fist” kind of vocals by the artistic front man, Ivan Moody. Moody gives the songs, although their music is very special and not just the grooves and kick downs like almost every average groove act, more meaning and he truly lets you feel what he feels. The best example are the best tracks of this album, “Never Enough” and “The Devil’s Own” . With his clean vocals, under the Heavy Metal music, Moody shows how shitty your life can be where you are ignored and feel that you are the biggest disappointment ever.

The songs’ music isn’t the big issue here, it’s the purpose and message that is being bestowed by them. All throughout the album, Five Finger Death Punch are delivering messages, but alongside the messages comes the angry music. The music, although it seems it has the second important role on the album, is well written and you can hear several of the influences from different eras of Metal. What is unique is the fact that the band’s music is labeled under Groove Modern Metal.

The songs on The Way Of The Fist can be catalogues of various sub-genres of Metal. Most of the songs are off-shoots of Heavy / Thrash / Speed Metal. But there are hints of Hardcore and even some minor Metalcore elements. This compilation of sub-genres brought out masterful work.

“White Knuckles” is one of the brutal songs on this one, it’s got the anger of Metalcore and the heaviness of Modern Thrash Metal. This one has some great speeding moments, a chorus to “be remembered” and a kick down that will kick your face and a send off to a great Heavy Metal emotional solo.

“Ashes” has a great chorus along with brutal sparks by Moody and the gang with Hardcoric attack. “Salvation” is almost the same as the former; it breaks with Hardcore and Speed Metal but has a wonderful solo break with an atmospheric cover.

“Can’t Heal You”, “Death Before Dishonor” and “A Place To Die” brings you the band’s special blend of music with Groove / Thrash modern music along with solos that light your eyes.

Moody as a vocalist, continues to show promise as a great vocal man with his harsh vocals along with soft and heartbreaking clean vocals. “Stranger Than Fiction” sounds, in the beginning, as a 3 Doors Down song but turns out to be no less violent than his comrades along the album – a very nice tune with great vocals that reminds a bit of late Perzonal War stuff. Of course there is the single “The Bleeding” that sounds like a Nu-Metal track but turns out to be quite a catchy track with lots of emotion regarding a relationship failure.

To summarize, Five Finger Death Punch did a great job while showing life’s dark side without remorse or regret. People should see and notice that not everything is pink and green. Life can be enjoyable but it can be cruel and harming when you are not looking. Cheers for the guys for showing society what it is to be aware. Keep it up!!


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