EDENBRIDGE – My Earth Dream

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    EDENBRIDGE - My Earth Dream - 9/10


Napalm Records
Release Date: April 25, 2008

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Edenbridge is a name most Metal fans know. They were founded in 1998 and they’re celebrating their 10th anniversary with the release of their 6th studio album, My Earth Dream. The Austrian Symphonic Metal band is fronted by female vocalist Sabine Edelsbacher, and even though the band often is mentioned in the same sentence as Nightwish and Within Temptation, their musical style and especially Edelsbacher’s voice varies a great deal from what you’d expect from the aforementioned bands and their vocalists Anette Olzon (Nightwish) and Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation).

My Earth Dream is Edenbridge’s first record after signing with Napalm Records. This has obviously meant that more money has been spent on the production of this record than the previous ones. This time they had the opportunity to work with a real orchestral conductor, Jaroslav Brych. This collaboration has really paid off and the Czech Film Orchestra has brought a more dynamical approach to Edenbridge’s music. Their soundscape sounds more sincere and more powerful on this record. Not only because of the orchestration (arranged by Lanvall), but also because guitar player and songwriter Lanvall has decided to play 7-string guitars on My Earth Dream.

There are a lot of highlights on this record; one of them is the song “Shadowplay.” This song really underlines Edenbridge’s new approach to their musical style. The guitars add more darkness to the songs and the orchestration is very present in the soundscape. Also, the chorus part has some very interesting vocal lines that really gives the song an unexpected turn.

“Paramount” is probably the song that’s most similar to Edenbridge’s earlier work. It’s a slower, heavier, but still very melodic song. This song could easily been taken from their previous record The Grand Design, but the orchestration is far better on all the songs on this record and it really makes the difference.

The album-closer “MyEarthDream” is also a song you should be aware of. It’s a song with six parts that together lasts for twelve and a half minutes and takes Edenbridge’s musical style a bit further. This song has all the elements from the other songs on the record; symphonic keyboards, nice orchestrated instrumental parts, great guitar solos and Edelsbacher’s beautiful and emotional vocals. This epic masterpiece also sees a new element as bass player Frank Binding does some great growling here. It gives the song more dynamic and a variation that the other songs don’t have.

The theme for My Earth Dream is, as you may already have guessed, the Earth. The lyrics deal with this, but the music itself is also very fit for the theme. The cover art is designed by Anthony Clarkson (Blind Guardian). Its focus is the Earth, which, according to their press release “…opens itself for higher energies that are filtered through the human mind, symbolized by the spiral form.”

My Earth Dream was recorded at Lanvall’s Farpoint Studio, whereas the orchestration was recorded at the Czech Television Studios. The record was mixed by Karl Groom (Threshold) and mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studio in Finland.

My Earth Dream is by far the best Edenbridge album to date. Not only musically, but the production is also much better this time around. With a new label, and a good deal of experience, Edenbridge have recorded an album that definitely should be noticed by Melodic Metal fans all over the world. Do yourself a favor and buy this record. You’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth!

Sabine Edelsbacher: Lead Vocals
Lanvall: Lead, Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards & Piano, Bouzouki, Pipa
Frank Bindig: Bass, Growls on “MyEarthDream”
Max Pointner: Drums

Guest Musicians:
All drums on the album played by Sebastian Lanser
Robby Valentine: Backing vocals & choirs
Dennis Ward: Backing vocals & choirs
Karl Groom: 3rd guitar solo on “Shadowplay”
The Czech Film Orchestra conducted by Jaroslav Brych


  1. The Force Within (Intro)
  2. Shadowplay
  3. Remember Me
  4. Paramount
  5. Adamantine
  6. Whale Rider
  7. Undying Devotion
  8. Fallen From Grace
  9. Place Of Higher Power
  10. MyEarthDream: I. The Road Ahead / II. Pristine / III. Agent Of Change / IV. The Uninvited Guest / V. The Las Card / VI. Slumbers


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