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Release date: April 24, 2008

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The Metal world is not short of Heavy Metal bands, even today when most of the bands go modern. However, young acts that do play true and old Heavy Metal, the 80s way, will always be a welcome commodity. This skilled Italian group of Metalheads are doing just the thing – straight forward Heavy Metal in the spirit of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and reminders of old Metallica, yet not that thrashy. Last year the band brought out their new EP, Burst, which contains new songs and two new version of earlier material which was recorded four years ago under the demo, Undeads.

After just a first listen, you will be able to perceive the embrace of NWOBHM that consumed the Metal scene all throughout the 80s. The sweet touch of melodies and harmonies of the two axemen will knock on your head more than once. The suitable way to endorse the touch of these enchantments is to close your eyes and feel the rush. The Crawlers are not doing anything original nor do they intend to, Burst is a highly motivated Maiden like album with many similarities to their 80s era. Even on the band’s first video clip of one of the EP’s songs, “Masters Of The Night”, you can make out that their posture is similar to Maiden. Another reminder of Maiden is the vocal pattern of the vocalist, Claudio Cesari, who is a very impressive front man and it seems that he is more into Dickinson than looking for a style of his own. However, this type of path is not a wrong one because many are doing it and after a while, they begin their quest to use the influence to find their own thing and create their own style of singing / playing.

As for the production, it is not a massive one like the more modern bands or even some of the Old School bands, yet it is sufficient for the band’s need as a first professional presentation of their work. All mixing and mastering works are great; everything is in place without any faults. Crawler, with a release like Burst, shows that you don’t have to fill up a release with bombastic elements in order to make it better, it always helps, yet only the material remains as the true factor of judgment.

Crawler’s release is an additional reminder of the great days of Metal, they will inspire as you hear more of that sub-genre which contains such great music, yet not all of it will topple you down to your feet. “Angels In Paradise” is Crawler’s greatest creation, a well constructed song with just about everything a true Metalhead needs. It has melodies all over, great solo, amazing vocals and it’s just a flower among thorns – this one should have been made as a debut video. Other tracks are between good and solid. The solid ones are regulars like “Masters Of The Night” and “Burst” which are not that special and are pretty basic. “Speed” and “Undeads” are more jumpy with great music but they are no match for the “Angels” song.

Crawler is a great band that is still in its first steps, their material is impressive enough to keep you waiting for their first album. Stay alert; these guys will come from behind before they attack.


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