MIND’S EYE – 1994: The Afterglow

MIND'S EYE - 1994: The Afterglow
  • 8.5/10
    MIND'S EYE - 1994: The Afterglow - 8.5/10


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Release date: April 18, 2008

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Mind’s Eye is one of those Progressive Metal bands that have delivered a certain level of consistent quality in their last several releases. It was just last September that the current trio delivered their exceptional A Gentleman’s Hurricane release. It’s perhaps with some astonishment that casual Mind’s Eye fans will see the band’s name once again grace these review pages so soon. The reason for this particular review is actually to tote a re-mastered and re-package version of the band’s 1994 debut (The Afterglow), and in 2008 it’s to be referred to as 1994: The Afterglow.

Back in 1994 the band’s sound and chemistry was slightly different than the present day music they are known for playing. Back then, they were a four-piece band with an average age of just less than 18-years old. Keyboards were few and far between; the guitar was a little more prevalent, perhaps due in part to having a full-time guitarist versus Johan Niemann playing both bass and guitar as he does in present day. All things considered, the music on this 1994 release has quite an early Queensrÿche (think EP era) and sometimes Crimson Glory feel to it that makes it sound more like traditional Metal versus Progressive Metal.

One of the downsides is that the music ends too soon, as the entire eight-track release only clocks in at about forty-five minutes in length. Album opener “Blind Justice” is definitely a high point with its heavily Progressive opening, simplistic, yet memorable, chorus, and a strong vocal performance by Pascaul, who has “rockier” overtones in his vocals than his successor, the more melodic and operatic Andreas Novak. The track even has a bona fide guitar solo, which is something that is often overlooked in modern day Mind’s Eye releases. From the opening chords of “Castle Of Eternity,” it’s quite evident that in the early days the guitar was a driving force in the band’s early incarnation. Every track on offer is solid, including the ballad “Ending A Story,” which has a very memorable acoustic melody that serves as a foreboding glimpse about what has become the more mature songwriting of modern day Mind’s Eye.

Most re-releases of early works of established bands nowadays typically come up on recommendation lists. Thankfully, that’s not the case here with Mind’s Eye’s debut re-release. 1994: The Afterglow is especially for fans who like a more prevalent guitar in their Progressive Rock. It would have been interesting to see where this, call it Mach I, of Mind’s Eye would have landed in the modern Metal scene had they continued … of course, the last several exceptional Mind’s Eye releases would never have been. Bottom line, fans of early Queensrÿche and Crimson Glory should definitely pick up this disc of memorabilia.


Germán Pascaul – Vocals
Johan Niemann – Bass
Fredrik Grünberger – Guitars
Daniel Flores – Drums


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