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Release date: April 17, 2008

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Eternal Twilight has opened many eyes towards the Progressive Metal genre. Originally put together in 2004, this six-member Progressive Metal band from France has evolved from the Metal genre and has entered a path of more personal music, but still keep that Metal feel. They have performed around 30 concerts with bands such as Manimal, Guerilla Poubelle, and Fickle. Their CD Be Ill features songs written between 2004 and 2006 and is a “testimony” to their beginning.

“Collapsing Soul” opens this album with a very Metal riff. Paul Gertz’s vocals are clean in the beginning then transform like a man to a werewolf into growling/screaming vocals. This song is extremely diverse. It has distorted guitars, harsh drums, clean guitars, amazing riffs, keyboards — it’s just astounding.

“Be Ill” is up next. This track is a little more on the Metal side. Gertz’s vocals dance from clean to dark and enter with sort of creepy keyboards. There are some headbanging parts in this track. You can really feel the frame of mind of Eternal Twilight here. It shows a good amount of Progressive Metal, and it really seems like the band had a fun time recording this track.

Entering with a drum solo is “Do Pam Ire Shock.” The instruments really intermix well, and they seem to dance together. This track ranges from slow to fast, clean to raspy — another great show of Eternal Twilights talents. However, this song does show a more mellow side, with slower drums, etc. Not to give the wrong impression, though, you still hear that Metal lick from the guitars.

Topping off this album is “Twilight Sparkles.” This song is unlike all the other tracks. Clean guitars, a serene bass, soft drums, and a calm keyboard get you in the mood to lie down and relax. Gertz’s vocals really mix well with the instruments, and together they unwind in a chill beauty. You don’t hear any growling vocals; instead you are enveloped in a hush of peace.

Eternal Twilight is a band that’s getting out there. All Progressive Metal fans should like Eternal Twilight, as would many other Metal lovers. They are to say “an easy listening” Metal band.


  • Jacky Linville

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