OLD FASHIONED BEATDOWN – Old Fashioned Beatdown

OLD FASHIONED BEATDOWN - Old Fashioned Beatdown
  • 5/10
    OLD FASHIONED BEATDOWN - Old Fashioned Beatdown - 5/10


Metal Revival Music
Release date: April 12, 2008

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Some people say that Metal is taking on the “I can’t understand a word they’re saying” role. Well, these people haven’t heard of Old Fashioned Beatdown (OFB). They are a Metal/Rock/Hardcore band formed in Florida during 1999. OFB takes the listener back to “old-fashioned” Metal as you used to know it. Their sound resembles that of Pantera and Hatebreed, and with a middle finger on the front of their self-titled album, they have a powerful message they want all to know.

The first track of this album is the definition of OFB. “S.O.S.” doesn’t have the normal meaning behind it, which you will find out. “S.O.S” nails you with harsh guitars knotted with some sick drums. As soon as Joey’s raw vocals enter you know they’re here to tell you something. This is not a song for “teeny-boppers;” it’s harsh, tough, and full of pure anger.

“Pillar Of Salt” comes up next. This track is something you can easily mosh or headbang to, but it has a few twists. It shows a little of OFB’s softer side. This is only due to Joey dancing back and forth to clean and furious vocals. “Pillar Of Salt” is brutally captivating.

“These Moments” has an enticing intro amid a clean guitar with spoken vocals and austere drums. This track speeds up in time, but keeps its laidback Metal/Rock sound. The instruments in this song all get their spotlight alone, and that’s rare to see nowadays. Overall, this song is probably the most diverse track on the album, but it still kicks ass.

The final track is “Upper Hand.” The intro is awesome; it’s something that you wouldn’t expect from this seething band. OFB has sort of a female operatic chorus for a short while in the beginning, then they go into their well-known enraged sound, but they keep the light sound in the background. It’s an intriguing mix of Joey’s rough vocals mixed with the soft chorus, but they definitely pull it off, even adding in a Metal solo that makes you want to fall on your knees and act it out.

Old Fashioned Beatdown is definitely something to check out. If you’ve been looking for that old Hard Rock or Metal sound rarely seen, you need to check these guys out. They take you back to the real stuff, where you can relate to their bruised messages and truly get on level with the band. Besides, who could resist an album that’s sporting the bird?


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