HOUSE OF LORDS – Come To My Kingdom

HOUSE OF LORDS - Come To My Kingdom
  • 8/10
    HOUSE OF LORDS - Come To My Kingdom - 8/10


Release date: March 14, 2008

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People have all sorts of opinions of KISS bassist Gene Simmons, and granted, quite a few of these are not on the flattering side. However, you have to respect Simmons for discovering a couple of really great bands and help them learn the ropes from a business perspective. In the late 70s, he produced the demo for Van Halen that would help them get a record deal and soon become one of the biggest bands in the world – and indeed outsell KISS themselves pretty much from there on. Some ten years or so after, Simmons picked up on House Of Lords, a band formed by former Angel/Giuffria keyboardist Greg Giuffria, Lanny Cordola also of Giuffria fame alongside Chuck Wright (Quiet Riot), and then unknown vocal wonder James Christian. And, although House Of Lords wouldn’t muster the commercial wonder-ness of a Van Halen, once again Simmons’ nose for talent proved valid.

House Of Lords would become one of the bands that saw a few releases in the very late eighties going into the early nineties only to be swept aside by a business that changed drastically soon after. Another case of great talent at the wrong time, House Of Lords would disband to have another go at it in the new millennium, with its first release since 1992. Power Of The Myth caused disjoint amongst fans, though, musically dubbed more on the Progressive side of things. After Christian departed from his bandmates amicably, the vocalist set out to resurrect the name with a new set of musicians around him and recreate a kind of music House Of Lords had become known for … indeed the great, bombastic Melodic Hard Rock once again graced World Upside Down, and after two years, the comeback continues via Come To My Kingdom.

House Of Lords’ kingdom is one full of treasures, consisting of infectious melodies and downright bloody good songwriting that makes the experience as a listener fully enjoyable. Just as you’ve enjoyed one great hook, along comes another to carry you through. This band has the talent to caress your senses, essentially for a full album’s worth, which surely isn’t all too common.

James Christian, whose hoarse voice is among the more recognizable within its field, (and probably among the best at uttering the word “baby” much to women’s delight) leads his musicians, guitarist Jimi Bell, bassist BJ Zampa, and drummer Chris McCarvill, as if they were marching troops, through a musical climate that’s varied and rich.

With a touch that is almost dramatic, Hard Rock treasures such as the title track, “I Don’t Wanna Wait All Night,” and “One Foot In the Dark” pairs alongside the quite poppy “I Need To Fly,” obligatory ballad-like “Another Day From Heaven,” not too mention “The Dream” and “Your Every Move,” both exquisite, well-executed exercises at masterful AOR.

Even without the original lineup intact, House Of Lords remains among the very best one could hope to find in its genre. ‘Nuff said — stop reading and listen already!


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