ROAD – Aranylemez

ROAD - Aranylemez
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    ROAD - Aranylemez - 8/10


Hammer Records
Release date: March 10, 2008

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Aranylemez, which means “Gold Record”, is the new release by the Hungarian band from Budapest, Road. The band was assembled in 2004 and in that year they released their record, Nem Kell más, which means “Don’t Need Anything Else”. This album derived most of its success from their first hit song, which was by the same name, which was presented also as a video clip in 2005. A year later their second album was released – Második Harapás, in English it means “Second Bite”.

The band’s genre is a bit complex. In general they play Nu Metal and Hardcore. But the music, on this release anyhow, is blended with groove, modern Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Their main influences are from the modern scene of Metal. Bands like System Of A Down along with Static X can be associated with the band’s sub-genre of Nu Metal. Hardcore bands such as Down or even some hints of S.O.D can be recognized here also. The Hard Rock factor is a mixture of a lot of bands from the present era.

The production, under the supervision of Peter Bodnar of Blind Myself, can be buttoned down as a success. The band Here has a great sound with some heavy and B tuned guitars as well as angry and raspy vocals. The album’s riffs are quite good and delivered with a crushing blow especially with various kick downs in a Hardcore way. For example, tracks like “Felfelé Gördül” and “Isten Barma”.

In addition to strong and heavy songs there is a wonderful crafted ballad which is called “Nem Rólunk Szól”. This track shows the blending of power and grace. The album also breaks barriers with some funny MTV oriented songs like “Római Vakáció”.

The only problem, that some will probably say are “annoying”, is the fact that the band seem to have a hard time finding more new rhythm riffs. The riffs on this piece are great but they keep on coming and some songs sound like others. And this is said without listening to the other albums by the band. Riffs can resemble other, that is something natural, but here various riffs are almost the same. There are some small changes of one note which is the maximum. Although, the originality of this band still kicks ass.

The vocalist, Mate, delivers the goods with angry and raspy tones. His singing style is pretty versatile and demonstrated with excellence. As a bass player, most of his work is mainly simple and goes along with the rhythm of the songs. The two axemen, Goya and IMI expose fine skill in their guitar work, rhythm mostly, and play some great solos and funky melodic riffs. For example on the track “Isten Barma”, Erik, the drummer, blows the scene with simple but yet well displayed skill at keeping the pace.

Aranylemez is a good release that has a lot to offer and rolls out with a driving force. Songs that are most remembered are: the opener, “Felfelé Gördül”, which tells the story of the whole album and introduces the next tracks to come. It has everything: heavy riffs, wild grooves, great vocals and solo. The ballad, “Nem Rólunk Szól”, is anther great gem. It starts and continues with nice piano verses and low gain guitars. The vocals on track are very good and have some harmonic parts in the chorus. “Isten Barma” is one heavy blaster with of the greatest kick downs as well as a very good solo.

Road’s new album can almost be called a gold record like its title. But they have to be more diverse in their writing. They play riffs that are expected of them, according to their genre, and that may get in the way in the future. The band is a good creator of fine and catchy songs and they have the ability to do it much better. They are in command and can march forward with pride and glory.


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