KIUAS – The New Dark Age

KIUAS - The New Dark Age
  • 7.5/10
    KIUAS - The New Dark Age - 7.5/10


Release date: March 5, 2008

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Kiuas is a Finnish band formed in 2000. Kiuas’ name is derived from the heart of Finnish culture: The Sauna. But, it’s what fuels the sauna that they are named after — the stove. The New Dark Age is Kiuas’ third album, and from what it seems they keep getting more popular, and are booked to tour in the spring of ’08 with Children Of Bodom and Moonsorrow. If you are familiar with Folk Metal with a Heavy/Power Metal twist, you should check them out.

The first song, “The Decaying Doctrine,” is full of Power Metal riffs mixed with heavy distortion. Ilja Jalkanen (lead vocals) enters with growling and then pierces into a clean and powerful trail. This song transitions from clean vocals to growling, Metal solos to rhythmic guitar, and a heavy sound to isolated vocals.

“Conqueror” has a heavier tone than “The Decaying Doctrine.” It starts off with tremolo picking, jutting keyboards, and some powerful pinch harmonics from Mikko Salovaara (guitars). Overall this track has a heavier and darker sound (even though there is a lack of growling), but still is accompanied by Bodom-like keyboards and Power Metal solos.

“Kinas War Anthem” lets out more of the keyboards and guitar solos than before, perhaps making you play it out in the air yourself without even noticing.

“The New Dark Age” is up next. It starts off with noticeably darker drums from Markku Nareneva and a familiar sounding guitar solo. This song is definitely one for some headbanging. Again, Kiuas is able to mix clean but powerful vocals with distorted and fierce guitars into a true masterpiece.

As soon as you think this CD’s nothing but Power/Heavy Metal, Kiuas decides to mix it up a tad. “To Excel And Ascend” comes in with a Folky/Ariabian acoustic guitar. But, it’s not all soft. Soon, warlike drums enter with guitars, and the growling vocals are back. Throughout this song, vocals swap from growling to clean. But, right when you think it’s done, they slam you with the most powerful (though quick) guitar solo that will makes your eyes widen.

Ever heard the intro to a Jazz song eminating from the piano that “climbs” up the keyboard? Well, the very beginning of “Black Rose Withered” has this exact type of intro. After this little play, Kiuas storms you with heavy guitars and those prevailing vocals. This vigorous, and during parts lullaby-ish track will definitely keep you awake.

“After The Storm” features a nice tone switch. With female vocals singing along with Ilja in an acoustic platform, this track is truly a piece of art.

“Of Sacrifice, Loss And Reward” and “The Summoning” bring the listener back to the heavier side of this Finnish band. And finally, “The Wonderer’s Lamentation” has almost a Bluesy tone at the beginning. But, don’t get to used to this … soon it beaks out into energy-filled Metal. This track is like a see-saw, vasolating from soft to harsh, definitely a good song to round out this album.

If you like the keyboards within Children Of Bodom songs, or Power/Heavy Metal and clean vocals, check out Kiuas.


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