SAATTUE – Jäähyvästi

SAATTUE - Jäähyvästi
  • 8/10
    SAATTUE - Jäähyvästi - 8/10


Spinefarm Records
Release date: February 23, 2008

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Lurking in the deepest, darkest corners of your Metal dreams is Saattue. Saattue was first conjured up in 2001 in a bar in Finland. They play the slowest, darkest, and most vampiric Metal, while singing in Finnish. Saattue means convoy, or procession in English. If you’ve been looking for that Doomier Metal or that Metal that creeps out your little sister, Saattue is the Advil.

“Ikiuneen” is the first track of this fascinating album. Starting off with down-tuned guitars and a deep growl, this song introduces you to Saattue’s maleficent album. Tuukka Koskinen(lead vocalist) growls his shadowy vocals, swaying from haunting to clean throughout this track. Eventually a guitar solo breaks out then dies down into a clean guitar, ending this threatening song.

Starting out with guest vocalist Ines Lukkanen is “Vieraaseen Multaan.” This song is like a malevolent lullaby. Featuring a slow tune and Tuukka singing in a frightening, yet extraordinary nature, the quality of this song is astounding. Saattue even adds piano, twisting onto a classical path.

“Luutarhuri” opens with harsh guitars and bass adding in a unique guitar lick. Then, with a grave growl, Tuukka enters putting an ominous tone into this song. As they hit the chorus, the vocals lighten up, singing along with the guitars. Then the vocals enter with a growling return, welcoming on the chorus again, and ending this ravenous track.

“Hyiseen Veteen” welcomes you first with acoustic guitar then hits you with that down-tempo Metal yet again. “Hyiseen Veteen” is a slower track, however, just as you thought it was becoming a ballad, Saattue hits you with Tuukka’s wicked vocals and pinch harmonics. “Jäähyvästi” follows with the same down-tempo lure.

“Kaaosmaa” enters with the muffled sound of thunder and a sort of music box intro. After this creepy entrance, down-tuned guitars pleasure your ears along with a bass that rumbles the floor. This song defiantly lets out the darker, forbidden side of Metal few have discovered.

Entering with angelic acoustic guitars and a feathery female voice is “Vajojen Saattue.” But beware, this song doesn’t stay so sweet for long. Saattue breaks out with what sounds like funeral organs and Tuukka screaming his fearful vocals. Then Ines Lukkanen, the guest vocalist, has a solo with the acoustic guitars. Overall, this song is badass (the fact that it’s like a couple singing a Metal cabaret to each other backs this up).

If you’ve been looking for forbidden, luring Metal, Saattue is the band. Sounding much like Ajattara, Saattue is not for the mainstream Metal fans.


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