EXCITER – Thrash Speed Burn

  • 7/10
    EXCITER - Thrash Speed Burn - 7/10


Blistering Records
Release Date: February 22, 2008

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Like an unexpected slip and fall, this album leaves earlobes battered and bruised without apologies or notice. From the hellish introduction encountered in “Massacre Mountain” to the timely demise of “Rot The Devil King”, your psyche will be pummeled into raw meat. The title is apt, because it’s relentless and fast. If it were to obey the stop signs or allow any sort of melody to kick in to passersby, it might be comparable to Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Iced Earth, or Judas Priest. Yet, it never really quits as even those bands allow for bridges and/or segues.

Pushing the envelope to its limits seems to be their modus operandi, and their cardio is practically matchless. It would be interesting to see if they could keep this pace up onstage under hot lights and with beady eyes and devil signs praying for a devastating knockout or a limb-breaking submission. Speaking of which, the only tenderizing that’s experienced is in the track “Crucifixion”, but even that is merciless as it shoves you slowly through the grinder to gain Satan’s trust. Pretty much every song feels out the listener with a half-dozen measured notes and that’s it; after that, it delves right into the pit, which in this case is a ring of fire.

Lyrically, they are meatheads (and this is truly meant to be complimentary considering their fare). In most cases, the verses are the track’s title chanted or screamed in repeated fashion. This rule of thumb applies almost completely to “Evil Omen”. Sometimes, their lead singer pieces together simple threats, but that’s about it. In their defense, thoughtful lexis is not a part of their repertoire. As soon as they get the go ahead, they look for a quick takedown and then it’s strictly ground and pound. If they do happen to get stood up, their one-track plan is to return to the mat.

Their goal is to bring Metal to the highest level as possible. Unless you’re melodically masochistic, this incensed amperage will be quite torturous. Yet, if you’re into unbridled thrashing and speed that oftentimes incorporates chains, whips, witchcraft and hot wax, this won’t be seen as affliction to your ears.


  • Joshua Turner

    Joshua was a reviewer and interviewer here at Metal Express Radio. Iced Earth, Judas Priest, and Opeth are among his favorite bands, as well as Spock’s Beard and The Flower Kings. Once upon a time, the radio was a stopping point for him. From the day he discovered side-projects and Scandinavian imports, it all changed overnight. Outside of music, his passion is roller coasters. But when he's grounded and at home, he belong in the company of musical aficionados and technical shredders. He’ll get his jollies listening to Jazz Fusion when his favorites are in short supply. Still, if he had his druthers, give him a pretentious epic with a high-brow concept any day of the week (and slap on a guitar line with oodles of power chords for good measure).

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