MYGRAIN – Signs Of Existence

MYGRAIN - Signs Of Existence
  • 5.5/10
    MYGRAIN - Signs Of Existence - 5.5/10


Spinefarm Records
Release date: February 13, 2008

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myGRAIN, a melodic Hardcore/Metal band hailing from Helsinki, Finland, has released a new album, Signs Of Existence. myGRAIN’s past albums, such as Orbit Dance, landed them a place on the Finnish TV show Aijat. If you enjoy Disarmonia Mundi or Pofony, you will most likely like myGRAIN.

This album starts out strong with “Translucent Dreams.” This song has intense, down-tuned guitars following a synthesized intro. Overall, this song is energetic and strong, with some definite headbanging moments.

“This Perfect Chaos” is introduced with fast guitar and a growl from lead vocalist Tommy. This track has a faster beat compared to “Translucent Dreams.” At times, Tommy’s vocals, and sometimes the instruments, resemble that of Devildriver, with added synthesizers.

Following this high-speed song is “Asphyxiated And Inflammable.” Starting off with some powerful double bass drumming, this song goes into the famous synths, making a twist with a slightly slower chorus. The song continues, see-sawing back and forth from growling and screaming to solid singing, adding in eye-popping pinch harmonics.

“Shed The Second Skin” opens with female vocals that lure you into Tommy’s harsh scream. This song is sort of a recovery from the previous song. “Shed The Second Skin” has a great beat to headbang to and mixes in keyboards, harmonics, and an acoustic guitar at one time. If you’re looking for a nice Metal song, this is it.

With a dominant scream and heavy drums from DJ Locomotive, “Walk Puppet Walk” enters. This song is defiantly faster than the others with all the instruments and vocals, but still has a melodic tone to it.

With bossy bass and high guitars, “Killing Time” is up next in this pathway to destruction. The band maintains a fast beat, but also adds a much deeper and menacing sound. The vocals in this track seem much more passionate; sometimes going into an almost angry whispered scream.

“The Psychonaut” continues this sinister road of Metal. Like other songs, “The Psychonaut” has rough guitar, dark bass, and intense double bass drums, but adds in amazing pinch harmonics, making those beginner guitarists envious.

Almost sounding as if on an old record, “Alienation” makes its appearance. Immediately after a few seconds of “old school radio,” they smash you with cruel Melodic Metal. Tommy goes from screaming into clean singing, welcoming on the outlandish Melodic Hardcore they have created.

“Human Wasteland” enters with a slow, dark entrance, venturing into a realm of mumbled voices wrapped up in myGRAIN’s Metal. “Final Frontier” follows in the steps of “Human Wasteland,” but adds piano, showing a more classical side of myGRAIN.

If you’ve been looking for good headbanging Melodic/Hardcore/Metal, myGRAIN’s the band to check out. Their harsh sound and common synths may just make a great match for your Metal ears.


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