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PICA FIERCE - Pica Fierce
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    PICA FIERCE - Pica Fierce - 6.5/10


Release date: January 12, 2008

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A quartet known for their rapid Technical Thrash/Death Metal is Pica Fierce. Pica Fierce is a Norwegian Metal band that is currently unsigned. Their influences range from 80s Thrash Metal, like Megadeth, all the way to present-day Death Metal.

“Decadence” offers you a just a morsel of what Pica Fierce has to offer. Immediately slamming you with impulsive drums, guitar, and bass, this song opens with a statement. After a few times repeating the chorus, a guitar solo breaks loose. Following this the music fades back to mainly the drums, then returns with a solo. With fast vocals to suit the flow, this song is one of the faster tracks on the album.

Opening with a very heavy sound is “The Weight Of Condemnation.” Although the song speeds up, adding in random pinch harmonics from the guitar, it isn’t quite as fast as “Decadence.” Øystein, the lead vocalist, sings a bit slower on this track, having back-up vocals chime in occasionally. Then, as a slight surprise, Øystein changes the mood by adding growling vocals and a scream to end this track.

“Reptile” is next in line. Opening with an awesome deep growl, this track speeds up a little. The vocals are essentially a scream, along with double bass drums and a crying guitar. This song shows the capability and talent of Pica Fierce due to the range of musical talents they express. This song isn’t just a fast beat, it has interesting drums, vocals, and guitar. This track defiantly keeps your attention.

“The Coming Of The 4th World” is revealed after “Reptile.” This song is a bit less interesting than the ones before, but still holds its heaviness and Thrash. The vocals slow down, but a guitar solo hits you near the end, closing off the song.

Continuing with this route is “Swan Sing.” This track is much slower than any before, showing a charming side to this Norwegian Metal band. But, don’t let the swift change fool you; this is still Metal. With a haunting chorus answering to his vocals, Øystein screams his vocals and a melodic, yet strong, guitar solo is released.

“Urbania” enters with a mellow intro and then picks up speed, featuring a smooth guitar solo. This song takes a little while to get interesting due to its long intro. Once the vocals hit, the instruments take a sinister turn. When the vocals cut out for a while, the drums are more profound, adding more snare and double bass. The track then goes into another guitar solo and they replay the intro music. “Urbania” plays back and forth with the instruments and vocals proving this song to be more about the instruments than the vocals.

Next is “Consumers Consumed.” This track picks up beat, even adding some background vocals. Pica Fierce wants to get out a message to people with this song. With the lines such as: “Conveyer belts of beauty, Idols piled up for display, Dislodge the aspect of ‘my own way,’ It’s all so clear to me, They want group mentality, But one day you’ll see, It all adds up to personality.”

With a dark introduction, next up is “Blinded.” This song is very fast, but still finds its dark corners. Then Pica Fierce shows you a new side by twisting this song onto a Symphonic trail, still finding a way to add in menacing guitar, bass, and drums. After this Symphonic part, they hit you with their well-known threatening sound.

“Believers” is next. With a preacher and cheers from what could be his congregation, Pica Fierce leads you into a melodious track. With placid drums, guitar, and bass, they introduce you to another dark track. Growling vocals answer to those that are more high pitched, and at times they sing as one with a mysterious tone. This song picks up with strong pinch harmonics and a fast beat, then fades out to close the song.

“Into Oblivion” blasts in with a crash of intense instruments. This song doesn’t show Pica Fierce’s true capability, but does show the familiar, ominous tone they have set out to achieve.

“Spiral Of Violence” is introduced with strong cymbals from the drums, and enters into a silky guitar. Just as you get used to this, they bombard you with a deep sound and a clean 80’s Metal scream that knocks you off your feet. After this surprise, Pica Fierce is into their menacing tone, one which the tiny head-boppers would run from.

With a magnificent flute and classical introduction comes “A New Beginning.” This beautiful segment transforms into a sick, dark sound, with Øystein joining in this crusade of Metal. This track ends the album with a bang, showing the many trails and potentials of Pica Fierce.

Pica Fierce’s new album is not for those people who dub themselves Metal, you have to have Metal in your blood to appreciate their music. If you enjoy menacing and dark Metal, you will enjoy Pica Fierce.


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