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Release date: January 3, 2008

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Tular, the result of Francesca Martini(vocals) and Emanuele Palmieri (lead guitar) in the summer of 2005, is a Etruscan word meaning “Borderline.” And, this CD is filled with songs about fantasy and reality.

“Once upon a time, not so long ago …” This is the first line of this dark album in the track “Witch.” Starting off with thick guitars and a dreary orchestra, Tular lets out what they’re all about. The eerie, mystic voice of Francesca adds a very dark twist to this track, overpowering the light chorus in the background. As soon as you are entranced by these mysterious vocals, a guitar solo chimes in, adding the Metal core to this song.

“Darkest Room” makes its arrival next with ethnic drums and an enchanting sound, adding an Egyptian theme. Then, the dark guitars and drums join in, welcoming in the fine voice of Francesca. This song has a very bassy sound to it, but counteracts with casual guitar solos throughout the track.

Up next is “We Rule The Night.” Starting off fairly slow and with a strong pinch harmonic from the guitar, this song shows a slower side of Tular. In this unhurried track, the chorus seems as if they are answering to Francesca’s voice. This repeating song ends with another harmonic and the fading of the chorus.

Then, enter “Let It Rain.” The intro of this track is awesome. It starts off with the sound of rain, clean guitar, the orchestra, and then goes into the dark distortion and drums with the chorus. Then, the tempo very much slows down with the vocals dancing along with the drums and clean guitar, showing yet another calm side of Tular. This song plays back and forth from upbeat to calm.

Then the untitled fifth track enters with an exotic guitar, turning this album onto a new leaf. The vocals in this song are very uplifting in this track, singing in their native language, Italian. This last track truly shows that this band isn’t all about mystery, but it has great diversity.

Tular is an upcoming Italian Metal/Classical/Rock band, showing just a few capabilities of their talent in this CD. With influences such as Lacuna Coil and Within Temptation, this band is ready to be heard.


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