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Release date: December 21, 2007

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A new form of Melodic Metal has hit North America. Gates Of Winter, originating themselves from Ontario, Canada, have released a new album dubbed Lux Aeterna. This album emits a leisurely wave of Metal.

The album starts off with a smooth beginning, then hits you with palm-muted guitars and a unique keyboard in the track “Life Force Rapture.” As the music slows, the keyboard continues and Lee Maines sings along. Then there’s an unexpected growling from Lee, which is greatly surprising and unwraps this album of its potential.

“Burning Kingdom” (a three part song) is next. This song has additional vocals by Jody Lynn Bedard and is very bassy; switching back and forth from Jody to Lee. Throwing in a quick guitar solo, this speedy song hints at you to not forget its dark roots. Just as you think the end is near, it makes a fast, upbeat comeback and finally dies off.

“The Dark Affliction” (Part I) has a laid back intro, then in comes the upbeat guitar and drums. The vocals start up with an air-soft chorus in the background, then shift into Lee’s mature vocal sound. This song transforms from fast and fierce to soft in a matter of seconds, then returns with the awe of a repetitive guitar solo.

“Heavenly Insurgence” (Part II) appears after “The Dark Affliction.” Starting off with just the guitar and drums, then progressing into a calm guitar solo, this song summons you onto a march with the bass, and the instruments seem as if they are all on this march together. The song moves to dance at the beckoning of the keyboards, and then proceeds with a fulfilling guitar that paves the way towards a creepy musicbox-like ending.

“Lux Aeterna” (Part III) follows with acoustic guitars, adding a very relaxed mood to this album. Following this mood is “The Wildwood Pariah.” With slow vocals leading into a conversation between a child and Pariah, this track loosens you up a bit.

Hitting you with a melodic fast turn is “Winter Flight.” Opening with the keyboard and familiar drums, it brings you back to the definition of Gates Of Winter. At times the guitar and keyboard play what seems like a game with each other. This song closes with demanding lines and double bass drums that control the song.

Continuing with this rhythmic course is “Gates Of Winter,” a song that features great guitar work. Tying into this track is the song “From The Flesh.” Not only is it a killer title, it bombards you with the double bass yet again and adds strong pinch harmonics from the guitar, adding more of a Metal sound.

Ending this new Canadian album is the song “Omega,” a more laid back track than “Gates Of Winter.” During parts a piano plays, adding an elegant theme. Answering this elegance is a dancing guitar solo. An influence of this band appears in this song, with Lee’s voice resembling Khan (lead vocalist of Kamelot).

Lux Aeterna is full of Melodic Metal, instrumentals, and dark vocals. The album creates an atmosphere that is just daring you to listen.


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