MAGO DE OZ – A Costa Da Morte

MAGO DE OZ - A Costa Da Morte
  • 8/10
    MAGO DE OZ - A Costa Da Morte - 8/10


Locomotive Records
Release date: November 20, 2007

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Mago de Oz (which in Spanish is translated Wizard Of Oz) has such a different sound that you almost have to listen to it several times to take it all in. They are a mix of Prog, Celtic, Heavy Metal, and Symphonic type sounds, and are considered Spain’s most influential and popular Prog band. Locomotive Records released a 2-CD compilation called A Costa Da Morte, a double-live Rock En Espanol, which basically spans the entire career of the band. Mago de Oz was formed in 1989 in Madrid, Spain by the drummer Txus, who also does back up vocals.

The thing that makes this band so unique is all the different types and styles of music, vocals, and instruments all rolled into one. You will even pick up in the song Pensando En Ti that you’re listening to the Kansas classic “Dust In The Wind,” and you’d be right! This band has really made a name for themselves by doing lots of concept albums and Rock Operas. With the addition of a violinist and a flautist, this has opened up and broadened the horizons of this band to go in directions that a lot of bands dare not tread. With the smoky, yet scorching sound of vocalists Jose Andrea’, you can be transported to a different time and place with the album Gaia, which some fans were not too thrilled with because it showed a softer side to this band than what made some people comfortable. In December of 2006, the band released a greatest hits album called Rock N’ Oz and this album included a re-recording of the songs “Molinos de Viento,” “Jesús de Chamber,” “Hasta Que Tu Muerte Nos Separe,” and “El Cantar de la Luna Oscura.” The album is a double album; the first disc contains singles and the second non-singles. A special edition of Rock N’ Oz, entitled The Best of Oz came in a box set with the original 2 discs and an extra disc containing rare recordings, including old recordings of songs never before released with the first singer Juanma still in the line-up. It also contains a DVD highlighting their American tour.

Bottom line is don’t be fooled by albums, bands, songs, or music in different languages. Give them a chance; give them a listen. After all, music is a universal language and it does bring people together from all over the globe, from all walks of life, all ages. Mago de Oz will rock your socks off!


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