SHAMRAIN – Goodbye To All That

SHAMRAIN - Goodbye To All That
  • 7/10
    SHAMRAIN - Goodbye To All That - 7/10


Spinefarm Records
Release date: October 31, 2007

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When it comes to different types of music genres, one doesn’t often hear the category Melancholic Rock. Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal, Prog Metal, etc. are all over the place, but Melancholic Rock? It’s as rare as finding a 1909S VDB Lincoln Wheat Cent in exquisite condition.

The group Shamrain have now released their fifth CD (they also have one EP to date). What this means is despite today’s endless categorizations of genre types, they must be doing something right. In fact, listening to this CD can almost be an inner-body relaxing and rejuvenating experience. After all, how much headbanging can one endure in one day? Sometimes it’s refreshing to just chill out with something that is out of the ordinary and relax. This CD will do just that for you. It is quite therapeutic in almost every sense of the word.

Shamrain originate from Finland and are a little over 7 years in the making with five musicians in the band. Key members include Mika Tauriainen (vocals), Kalle Pyyhtinen (guitars), Janne Jukarainen (drums), Mikko Kolari (electric & acoustic guitars), and Matti Reinola (bass guitar & keyboards). Additionally listed are Risto Ylönen (keyboards) and Minna Sihvonen (vocals). The band was formed back in late 2000 when the original two founders Matti and Janne had a brainstorm and came up with the idea of forming a band that plays slow, dream-like music. Mikka joined in 2001, followed by Kalle in 2002 and lastly Mikko in 2004.

The new CD has ten tracks on it coming in a little under 50 minutes in length. There are no shocking titles, obscene or lewd words, or anything remotely distasteful used by this band. Both music and lyrics are quite wholesome, very laid back and an enjoyable listen. This alone is very rare today. Most bands try to enamor their audience by shock and vile at every level possible. It is a pleasure and a nice change to see and hear something out of the norm once in a while. While this new CD may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is worth a listen if you want something that doesn’t have screaming vocals or loud angry music that just doesn’t let up. If you want something to help you unwind, relax, or soothe your spirits after a hard day at the office, the answer is simple — the solution is to pop Goodbye To All That into your CD player, lay down on your sofa, close your eyes, and be ready to be taken to a place you never knew existed. This CD has medicinal value, you can be sure of this.

Shamrain never exploded on the scene as do some bands or groups. They are more reserved and laid back, not having to see themselves in the spotlight all the time. So, if you need some music that is more reserved, something that is capable of helping you unwind, this is the the CD that will do it for you. If you are interested in learning more about this band check out some of their sites on the Web.


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