SAVAGE MESSIAH – Spitting Venom

  • 7.5/10
    SAVAGE MESSIAH - Spitting Venom - 7.5/10


SMR Productions
Release Date: October 29, 2007

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Savage Messiah is a freshly formed band that comes from the UK. This band has put together an EP that is their debut release under the title Spitting Venom.

Even though, Savage Messiah are what is called “new kids on the block,” they come with an almost vintage sound. Their influences can be tracked down to the mid-80s when the Bay Area Thrash movement made its first step with bands like Exodus, Testament, Death Angel, and Heathen to name a few.

“Spitting Venom” opens the EP with fast-tempo drums, excellent bass guitar sound, and some really melodic twin guitars. The vocals of Dave Silver are greatly influenced by Chuck Billy (Testament) by being harsh, powerful, yet with a touch of melody. This track is a genuine Thrasher that gives an excellent reason to engage in some quality headbanging. Things follow the same Thrashing pattern with the second track “Frontline,” that also welcomes some Arch Enemy finishing touches, especially in the guitars. The staccato rhythm section and the solid drumming build a compact sound that leads to some prime Metallica guitar solos. It’s time to lean towards Exodus during the Fabulous Disaster era with fast guitar-driven Thrasher “Servant To Your Death.” The fact that their influences are so easy to spot does not mean that Savage Messiah lack creativeness; they are just sincere and straightforward with their intentions to play some old-school Thrash and this should be appreciated.

Things get a little bit melodic and atmospheric during “Heaven’s Gate,” with some clean guitar arpeggios that lead the listener to a very good solo. Back to the headbanging tempos with the double drum pedalling of “W.D.U.” and the in-your-face Thrasher “In For The Kill” (what an classic title that is!). The band flirts with the ballad atmosphere with “Conspiracy In Silence” and return to the classic Thrash sound with “In Cold Blood” that closes Spitting Venom. Sound-wise, the album could use additional work since there are times where things become a little bit obscure and difficult to distinguish; eventually this can be excused since it’s a debut release.

So, Savage Messiah have succeeded in getting their influences into their sound by giving them an almost personal appearance. The potentials are definitely there and so are the intentions to play some good ole Thrash that holds its distance from the insipid music genres that at some point flood the Metal scene. Spitting Venom will (actually should) make some heads turn and will give them the opportunity for a proper record deal to produce their next full-length album.


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