SEREE LEE – Variation A

  • 9/10
    SEREE LEE - Variation A - 9/10


Lion Music
Release Date: October 23, 2007

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Let’s begin this review with a little question and answer thing. Where to start – where to end? Uh, ah – that’s not easy! First of all, what’s the name of the artist? Seree Lee. Do you know any Metal bands from Thailand? “Not at all,” might be a possible answer. This guy is a maestro, a guitar-hero, a genius, a master, a “someone” who provokes a neverending list of superlatives with his strictly instrumental debut Variation A.

Don’t say you didn’t have any notion whatsoever about this guy? Lee doesn’t have to shy away from comparisons to greats like Steve Vai, Michael Harris, Yngwie or good ole’ Joe (Satriani, explanation by the author for all you non-believers out there!) Well, maybe these drawings are a burden too heavy to bear for the beginning – this kid is only 22 years old. “My gosh, he’s just a child” you might cry out. But, hey, springtime’s comin’ and it clearly has an effect on those who have to review albums. No, that statement wasn’t fair at all.

In fact this album is a grenade, an ever-exploding bombshell filled with notes. No copycatting at all – Kaboom! From the first beat, your head will be jerking up and down, your friends might scream “I got hit too.” Do not lend this album to anybody, you’ll never see it again! Next time somebody asks you for Metal from Thailand, you know what you have to answer: Seree who? Seree Lee!

But, not only Metal folks – some old fashioned Hard Rock and even touching ballads are included. From the start, marked by the song “Stumble” (well, didn’t we all stumble into this one?), Lee runs the ladder up and down, changes from fingerbreaking speed to rhythmic, stomping, better-nod-your-head-pace. All of that happens in the blink of an eye, or better audit of an ear -– can you say that at all, is that kind of a synonym? The guys from Lion Music have a severe notion of what these words are indicating. They must have known about the promises Lee makes with Variation A and made their decision to an act and realized you-don’t-need-any-brains-at-all-here. Hired!

So, why isn’t this review using all these mile long expressions? Because they are like the arrangements Lee creates. Everything is linked together and makes sense on Variation A. Of course the “wunderkind” Seree Lee wrote all of the songs on his own. Number seven is called “Funny Trip” and that’s just what he might have had in mind arranging this album. No bumps on this road! The last song is called “Best Smile” – well, that’s all this album provokes.

The but(t)

Enough of superlatives, the but(t) is very short handed on this one: 11 tracks and a total playing time of 41 minutes aren’t quite enough, so almost a perfect score.

Get a little taste of Thailand’s guitar-hero!



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