JET TRAIL – Edge Of Existence

JET TRAIL - Edge Of Existence
  • 7.5/10
    JET TRAIL - Edge Of Existence - 7.5/10


Release date: August 29, 2007

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Geez, its great when a debut comes out of nowhere and grabs you at the first instant, isn’t it? The Escape label seems to have struck gold with Edge of Existence, the debut from the Swedish Hard Rock band Jet Trail. The band was formed by singer/songwriter Carolina Lindwall of the band Minstrel Spirit, and guitarist Jon Stavert in 2005. Stavert has a past of working with artists such as Mats Ronander, Mikael Rickfors, Py Bäckman, and Dan Hylander -– all very well-known in their native Sweden. He’s also worked with the Eurovision Song Contest contenders Charlotte Pirelli (actually, she won back in 1999) and Nanne Grönwall, and worked with the band Promotion. However, Jet Trail is pure Hard Rock with a lot of variation going for it to boot. Rounding out the line-up is Stavert’s former co-musician, drummer Christian Sundell, with the fat bottom-end provided by bassist Johan Holst.

”Warzone” kicks off like a melodic and controlled Motörhead where the guitar work is concerned. In fact, given Lemmy’s often documented fascination of female-lead Rock, Jet Trail just might be to his taste. ”Dark Knight” and ”Never Say Never” are a pure adrenaline rush, whilst ”Can You Hear Me Calling” takes on far more noticeable Pop leanings, which makes it clearly the most radio friendly track on offer. That said, every track featured displays individual quality and brings something slightly different from the rest to the table, each on its own merits. ”The Unknown” provides plenty of humpin’ heavy rhythm and it makes sense for keeping one ear to the floor next to the speaker while this one’s on. Or, one’s bum perhaps — possibly a chance as good as any to drop a couple pounds while diggin’ good music in the process. See -– music can be good for you!

Acoustic ”Snowbirds” bares (very) slight Country leanings, and also features cello. ”Killing Ghosts” functions more as a relaxed rocker, relatable to those that got left behind. ”Wanted” makes for a great soundtrack on a rainy day; listen to this one with candles lit and encompassing tea for needed effect. ”Holy Ground” provides the epic-proportioned Metal number for this release and the rhythm section really shines.

Although every single song present strikes as impressive, though not necessarily sing-along refrains and vocal melodies, several songs bare somewhat original titles that aren’t sung within; ”Gorham’s Cave” and ”The Story of Marie De France” make up a couple of examples. An added note: the first edition features the extra track ”Why,” which is just as good as the previous twelve tracks.

Another song title ”Now You!” sums it up nicely. Jet Trail has arrived. Quite possibly one of the best female-fronted featured Hard Rock debuts this side of Skew Siskin’s cult classic, Edge Of Existence; a truly enjoyable album that is certain to light up your mundane daily grind as the dark autumn draws near.


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