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Release date: August 21, 2007

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Stormtroopers Of Death (a.k.a. S.O.D.) is a project band conceived by Ian Scott during a break in the recording of Anthrax’s Spreading The Disease album during the mid 80s. This project had strong Punk/Hardcore foundations covered with a great deal of caustic humor against everything wrong in the political and social surrounding environment. The band’s debut Crossover release Speak English Or Die was meant to be the only one as S.O.D. were stating in the tour that followed. This statement was recalled in 1996 when S.O.D. recorded Bigger Than The Devil with the famous artwork that featured the band’s mascot Sergeant D in the place of Eddie in the Iron Maiden’s The Number Of The Beast album.

The year is 2007 and the legendary label Megaforce Records announced the release of the longest Ep Rise Of The Infidels recorded by the original S.O.D. lineup with Billy Milano on vocals, Scott Ian on guitars, Charlie Benante behind the drum kit and Dan Linker on the bass guitar.

This EP is indeed the longest since it comprises four studio recorded tracks and as bonus the whole live performance in the Fenix Club of Seattle, Washington counting 55 minutes in duration. It’s really unbelievable that S.O.D. sound as they did 22 years ago; the rebellious “Stand Up And Fight” has the old-school Crossover sound and the in-your-face attitude with Milano’s screaming vocals, the fast double drum pedaling and Scott’s Punk guitar riffs. After the Thrash intro with some slap bass guitar, “Java Amigo” accelerates into a Crossover track in the famous style of Suicidal Tendencies. S.O.D. pay respect to the Hardcore legendary bands Agnostic Front and Negative Approach by recording the cover versions of “United And Strong” and “Ready To Fight,” respectively. After these four tracks you get the impression that the two decades haven’t touched S.O.D. who seem to have the same spirit and energy as they did during the Speak English Or Die era.

The Fenix live recording is by no means a “filler”; it captures the band’s raw energy on stage where they blend humor with serious anti-war and social comments wrapped inside the fast and heavy Hardcore sound. The band surprises everyone by opening the Seattle show with the “Ballad Of Nirvana” performing the main riff of “Smell Like Teen Spirit.” The powerful setlist comprises the classic tracks “March Of The S.O.D.,” “Milano Mosh,” and “Speak English Or Die” where the band performs the intro of Slayer’s “Raining Blood.” Milano is talkative adding some interesting humorous comments in songs like the allegoric “F**k The Middle East” or before the “Ballad” series with references to Jim Morrison, Seattle’s best Nirvana, Frank Sinatra or even Freddy Mercury. The show and obviously the crowd get crazy with the fast “Chromatic Death,” “Fist Banging Mania” and the old-time classics “Pussywhipped” and “Milk” where the band introduce itself in a most hilarious way. This most enticing package will also include a DVD with footage of the Fenix show!

This is must-have release from a historical band who made such a fuss in the Metal scene with just one full-length release since the second one, Bigger Than The Devil, saw the light of the day after 14 years. Let’s hope that this EP will take S.O.D. on tour and possibly into the studio where they will make another classic album.


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