CAPHARNAÜM – Le Soleil Est Une Bombe Atomique

CAPHARNAÜM - Le Soleil Est Une Bombe Atomique
  • 8/10
    CAPHARNAÜM - Le Soleil Est Une Bombe Atomique - 8/10


Unicorn Digital
Release date: July 17, 2007

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Capharnaüm sounds like something you’d put on a bee sting or a cold sore. One thing’s for sure… with the same delayed behavior as camphor, it seems innocuous at first before the menthol ensues. Then again, this band shares its moniker with a clan that specializes in Technical Death Metal. In comparison, Capharnaüm’s icy hot instrumentations will seem tame.

To determine candidacy of this product, the active ingredients should be reviewed as soon as possible. Please feel free to sign up for the program or drop off indefinitely once indicators surface.

Anyhow, “Atomic Disco” is the opener to this slick aperitif, and it’s immediately apparent that their compositions run deep with skilled musicianship. “Tokamak” and “Démentielle” come next and continue with the subtle burn.

Afterwards, piercing pinpoints are felt on the skin and present themselves in the form of goose bumps. “Feedback” features a liberal dose of funky drumming before leading into insistent kneading. The diversity and range of this ditty make it one of the better selections on the album. The cadence of this complexity is so soothing; ringing ears will soon forget the distress.

Conversely, “Un Dimanche Soir a St-Zénon” and “Caterpillar” give this balm its volume. For that reason, it’s not advised to use this in the treatment of headaches or migraines.

Subsequently, the driving beat and atmospheric facets found in “Tunnel Numéro 6” are catchy to a point. However, it’s now plain as the nose on your face that this capricious formula should be kept away from open flames. Topping preceding cuts in terms of forced impudence, “Delierium” is actually the most volatile of the pieces entrenched in the album’s impassioned midsection.

Following the ardent cluster, the final elements in this liniment take us into another direction. To polish off the list, “Jouer Encore” is both spacey and syncopated whereas “Brainstorm” is melodically choppy. Due to lobotomized time signatures, the latter will leave listeners will everlasting results.

While the title is in French, the translation is somewhat intuitive. If you need a hint, Soleil translates to Sun and the remaining clause isn’t something you’d want to blurt out loud in an airport. Even though their compositions are innocent, they manipulate antennas in the same manner as the busiest instrumentalists out there. So when Karcius or Aziola Cry are out of stock, try working Capharnaüm into your regimen.


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