NAPALM DEATH – Punishment In Capitals

NAPALM DEATH - Punishment In Capitals
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    NAPALM DEATH - Punishment In Capitals - 7/10


Armoury Records
Release date: June 12, 2007

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Punishment In Capitals was originally released in DVD and CD format in 2004. The live recorded album that was available in the U.S.A. only as an import finds its way through to the states via Armoury Records almost 3 years after the official release. The album was recorded in 2003 in London at the ULU and features Barney Greenway on vocals, Mitch Harris and Jesse Pintado on the guitars, Shane Embry behind the four strings, and Danny Herera on the drum kit.

Napalm Death really don’t need any introduction here; this British band is considered one of the pioneers in the Grindcore scene from the date that Scum saw the light of the day. The brief, almost chaotic extreme tracks combined with Barney’s torturing vocals have actually set the foundations for this brutal scene and impacted a great deal of bands.

This release contains 28 killer tracks that are packed in a single CD since the average time duration is about 1.5 minutes! The album was recorded in one take and, as the band states, there was no editing or anything similar. Napalm Death expanded their usual setlist, giving a 90-minute performance in front of the crazy ULU audience. Keep in mind that playing 90 minutes of brutal and fast-as-hell Grindcore is a real physical challenge. The 28 songs come with almost no pause in between, capturing the band’s raw power with the shredding guitar riffs, the blasting drum work, and the bleeding vocals. The sound is also raw and takes you to the front lines where you can feel the bass guitar sound and the fast drum double pedaling. The band performed three cover songs that were originally released in the Leaders Not Followers albums; the first is a killer version of Dead Kennedys’ “Nazi Punks Fuck Off,” the second is “Back From The Dead” that comes from Death’s demo and homonymous release, and thirdly Raw Power’s “Politicians.” In the long tracklist, the band presents its whole back catalog, from the prime works like “Scum,” (that was originally sung by Cathedral’s Lee Dorrian), “The World Keeps Turning“ and “The World Keeps Turning“ (from Barney’s debut appearance with the band) to the latest (till 2003) with “Vermin,” “Narcoleptic,” and “Take The Poison.”

This album is just an audio proof of what happens when Napalm Death take over the stage; the band becomes one with the audience and creates and eruptive atmosphere. Napalm Death express their political and social awareness not only through their music and lyrics, but also through their live performances; the ULU show was a benefit for S.H.A.C. –the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty campaign launched to get the Huntingdon Life Sciences Laboratory in the U.K.

This excellent compilation of Napalm Death’s longstanding career is finally available for all the Metal brothers in the States. Although, the CD is best to be accompanied by the corresponding DVD release, where you get to witness the hell raised by the Napalm Death and their friends during the live show.


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