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    BRUNO TEODORI - Tyranny - 6.5/10


Release date: June 7, 2007

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Bruno Teodori is a striving “Italian Guitar Stallion” who started playing guitar at the sweet age of 16. In Tyranny’s liner notes, Bruno thanks J. S. Bach, L. V. Beethoven, Niccolo Paganini (can you tell where this is heading?), Ritchie Blackmore, Jimi Hendrix, and of course … Yngwie Malmsteen. Yes, Bruno is still trying to make his mark as Tyranny, a seven track independent “EP,” is his third such Neo-Classical-based demo since 2000.

First, let’s address the obvious! There’s no doubting that Teodori’s brand of Neo-Classical Metal or “Castle Rock” is pretty much everything you would expect from someone with the same influences as Malmsteen. In fact, at times Teodori does a better Malmsteen than some of Yngwie’s last works in this decade. It takes no less than 10 seconds into opener “After-Life” for the déjà vu to be induced by organ-toned keyboards, a moody vibe, and a piercing Stratocaster-like sound. Vocalist Bob Low does nothing to help the situation as his vocals come across as a weaker version of Mark Boals (one time crooner for Rising Force).

Now that that’s out of the way … pretend that there never was a Malmsteen (or Impelliteri for that matter). The music offered here is actually pretty strong for an independent release. It’s not noted who “plays” drums, so it’s assumed that it’s a drum machine, but even so “they,” the drums, sound pretty decent. The overall recording and mix for being an independent release is not half bad.

The release opens up with two strong, mid-tempo Neo-Classically charged tracks in “After-Life” and “Fear,” both grab your attention pretty quickly. Strangely enough, track three, “Tears,” slows the tempo down to a ballad’s pace. It’s not a terrible track, but it just kind of put the brakes on the whole momentum and driving pace vibe. Not to be outdone … track four, “The Last Goodbye,” is another slow-paced, instrumental track … or perhaps better phrased as a “composition.” Granted the track has some nice Flamenco style acoustics, but bring on the Power Neo-Classical, full-speed ahead driving material! “Victims Of Tyranny” starts heading back in the right direction, as it ups the pace a bit. “Edge Of Eternity” is an all-instrumental guitar twiddling session in self-indulgence, as is the track “Air.” Looks like Teodori truly did learn a lot from Mr. Malmsteen!

Bottom line, if the last several Malmsteen releases didn’t sate your hunger for great Neo-Classical music, then perhaps a dose of Bruno Teodori might be just what you need to cure the withdrawal! This EP, though, would have been a stronger release if Teodori had stuck to writing full-fledged, lyrical-based songs like the strength he shows on the tracks “Fear” and “After-life”!


Bob J. Low – Vocals
Bruno Teodori – Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Compositions, Lyrics, Arrangements


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