At Gagarin 205, Athens, Greece, May 26, 2007

Legendary Suicidal Tendencies, a band with strong Hardcore roots, split up somewhere in 1995 after some quite successful releases like Lights, Camera, Revolution and How Will I Laugh Tomorrow …. Several years afterwards, the charismatic front man Mike Muir and some members from his side project Infectious Grooves brought Suicidal Tendencies back to life in 1999. So, while the new album is in the making, the band kicked off a European tour, performing in places for the first time like Greece, Russia, and Turkey.

Gagarin 205 club hosted more than 800 Greek psycho lovers that were eager to watch their favorite band for the very first time after all these years. The fivesome from the USA took over the club stage after a 30-minute delay. The intro of “You Can’t Bring Me Down” raised the temperature and the excited audience started screaming and moshing way too early. Mike Muir was relentless, moving from side to side, spreading his word to the Greek audience.

Mike ClarkNext, came “Trip At The Brain” and “War Inside My Brain,” while Mike said some things to the audience about how the band became alive again and promised that they will return with a brand new album.

The other members of the band seemed to be a little bit numb in the beginning, not knowing what to expect from an unfamiliar audience. Inevitably, the high motivated Metalheads broke the ice as soon as the first notes from the ironic “Send Me Your Money” were heard in the club. Well, from that point, things got out of hand, in a good manner of speaking, with serious mosh-pitting and the classic Metal “dance.” The band responded directly, proving that there’s more to give under the Suicidal Tendencies moniker. Everybody was singing to the melodic “How Will I Laugh Tomorrow …” and headbanging during the classic “skate” song, “Possesed To Skate.”

Steve BurnerMike invited some guys on the stage during “Pledge Your Allegiance,” ending up with 20 or maybe more diehard fans who were jumping up and down and singing their lungs out.

This was a classic Thrash meets Hardcore night with a mid 80s atmosphere all over. Excellent! This band is still psycho after all these years and can teach all the new kids on the block how Hardcore is supposed to be played.

The complete setlist included:
You Can’t Bring Me Down * Trip At The Brain * War Inside My Head * Subliminal * Ain’t Gonna Take It * Send Me Your Money * We Are Family * Lovely * Won’t Love In Love * I Saw Your Mommy * Possessed To Skate * How Will I Laugh Tomorrow * Cyco Vision * Pledge Your Allegiance * Born To Be Cyco * Institutionalized



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