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    CC ROCK - EP - 2.5/10


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Release date: May 23, 2007

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CC Rock is a Swedish Melodic Rock band that has just released their debut EP. What this band offers you through this release is not much. Listening through this album is definitely not a blast!

Opening song “Wanna Feel Like The First Time” seems a little Melody Grand Prix-inspired. The opening vocal lines are just awful and it really sets the standard for the rest of the song. At the end of the song, they even modulate the refrain. The vocalist sounds like he has caught a cold. He has a going-nowhere voice, and the backing vocals are just annoying. There’s nothing special about this track, it’s just uninteresting.

Next song is called “The Best I Can.” The opening is made by an awful sounding guitar. Anyway, on this song the vocalist has a little twist of light beaming through his voice, after the painful opening track. The track isn’t good, but nearly acceptable. The backing vocal sounds the same; just horrible.

“Angel” has a really cool band foundation musically in the refrain, maybe because of the guitars that play some interesting riffs instead of the constant pounding on one chord all the way through. A little variation doesn’t hurt anyone! Anyway, the vocals really takes this one down as well.

The next track may be the very highlight of this record. It starts out with a very cool guitar riff. It gets you back to believing in Rock ‘N’ Roll after listening to the three first songs. “Dreamer” is a really good Melodic Rock song, and that is because of the guitar variation. Some very cool riffs come out on this one. The vocals, well, it’s not worth mentioning.

“My Special Lady” is another nowhere-going song, all because of the tiring, awful, horrible vocals. The guitar work is also quite boring. Somewhere in the middle of the song there’s some very cool keyboard licks, the only highlight of this song.

This is a terrible EP. An album full of this futile music would a nightmare. There’s one song with a little potential, and the production is not that good, but this is an EP so it’s understandable. CC Rock has to work really, really hard if they have the intention of impressing anyone with their music. There are so many places they have to improve themselves, first of all in the songwriting and vocals department.


Peter Lundin – Guitar
Anssi Alatalo – Guitar
Arthur Andersson – Vocals
Michael Baden – Bass
Magnus Thorn – Drums


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