PLANET X – Quantum

PLANET X - Quantum
  • 9.5/10
    PLANET X - Quantum - 9.5/10


Release date: May 21, 2007

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It is safe to say that Planet X has established themselves on the Progressive scene. Eight years after the debut, which was supposed to be just a one-off project, four studio albums and one live album has made it to the market. This year’s eXploration is called Quantum.

The Music

See, “eXploration” is just one possible meaning behind the “X” in Planet X. Since the music is described as Metal Fusion by Derek Sherinian, you get the idea that they are attempting to stretch things a little further in virtually every direction. Even to the eXtremes they will go. And, even if you don’t follow them all the way at first, listeners are introduced to a different dimension, by which conventional perspectives seem not to apply. A good word for this is eXtrordinary. Thus, eXplaining this music is not within the range of this review. It’s all up to you what to call it.

But, getting down to the impression this eXceptional music leaves, it will either be too hard to grasp or just catch you and fling you around in a seemingly vacuum with just occasional doses of vitalizing oxygen. Whereas a composition like “Desert Girl” (with Holdsworth laying down some stunning guitar) brings out the beauty and complexity in perfect symbiosis, “Poland” is almost spooky and atmospheric at the same time. In fact, there are perks to each composition if you listen carefully. Within the 50 minutes this eXpedition lasts, you will surely have seen pretty much all instrumental music has to offer without turning into witless junk or empty avantgarde.

The Band

As usual, Planet X is mainly Derek Sherinian (keyboards) and Virgil Donati (drums), a dynamic duo with a slightly different perspective on music. This time around their allies are Jimmy Johnson and Rufus Philpot (both on bass), as well as Brett Garsed and legendary Allan Holdsworth (both on guitar). With all due respect to their previous line ups, this is by far the most potent one and you sometimes wonder if they all have telepathic skills or something… they sound as one!

The Verdict

Music like this sadly has limited approach. Nevertheless, it’s a totally stunning eXperience and the patient listener will be richly rewarded. So, if you are broad-minded, let Planet X broaden it a little more…


  • Frode Leirvik

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