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    MYON - Frame Works - 3/10


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Release Date: May 4, 2007

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Almost 10 years ago, Finnish rockers Myon appeared for the first time on the scene with their debut album Heavens Garden, subsequently followed by the albums Ghost In Paradise and Slideshow.

Frame Works is the band’s 4th album, which is claimed to be one of their heaviest and most progressive releases to date, and is supposed to have been recorded by means of old school tape recorders and vintage instruments.

The cover art reveals a stunning image of a glass chess set and, to cut a long story short, it reveals the highlight of the entire album. From the first tune to the last note, this album is nothing short of a disappointment. Before the listener can focus on the actual music content, the poor sound quality and production becomes immediately evident. At best, Frame Works sounds like an amateur pre-production tape, but more realistically considered, actually sounds like a demo tape.

Myon claim that this album can be thought of as a mixture of Queensryche, Rush, and Kansas, but there is absolutely nothing that even resembles closely these great bands, and more importantly, of such great talent. There is very little skill and/or talent, if any, that could possibly represent the justification of considering this album a professional and commercially available CD. Without trying to only point out the weaknesses of Frame Works, the songwriting, arrangements, and musical talent of this line-up shockingly remind one of a local newcomer band who has just participated in a local “Battle Of The Bands” competition rather then of a band that claims to sound like Queensryche, Rush, or Kansas, and who has released 3 full length albums previously.

At least there is relief in that the album actually only contains 8 tracks, which surely will not even be good enough for absolute die-hard Myon fans.


Jukka Nummi – Vocals
Mika Pohjola – Keyboards
Risto Silenius – Guitars
Keijo Koivikko – Bass
Matti Torro – Drums


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