SAGA – Worlds Apart Revisited

SAGA - Worlds Apart Revisited
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    SAGA - Worlds Apart Revisited - 9/10


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Release date: April 30, 2007

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For some, it constitutes a “lifetime,” for others it’s almost one-third of a century, for most its three decades … to sum it all up, it’s thirty years. Plainly stated, that’s how many years the Canadian Progressive Rock band, Saga, have been a group. That’s more years than most marriages last! Surely on the eve of a thirty-year anniversary a band can come up with some form of “celebration?” Regrettably, the announcement by original vocalist, Michael Sadler, to leave the band is surely not what the band, management, or fans would have intended for this monumental anniversary. The band’s label had the idea more in mind of re-releasing one of the band’s most popular albums in the form of 1981’s Worlds Apart. The band cranked that notion up a few notches! Why re-release existing studio material? How about releasing a live album where that entire aforementioned album is performed live? That’s exactly what Worlds Apart Revisited accomplishes in a single night. Couple that with a DVD version of the live show and it becomes quite a 30th Anniversary Celebration!

To make buying choices even harder, for non-diehard fans, these celebratory goodies are being released in three different packages; a two-CD set, a two-DVD set, and the “limited edition” two-DVD + two-CD combo package. This review discusses only the two-CD set.

This double-live CD consists of twenty-two tracks in total. As is the case with a band that has been around as long as Saga, the tally of live albums creeps up a bit. This new live release will possibly have fans asking “why buy another Saga live outing?” Simple. It’s potentially the last with Michael Sadler, the band sounds as good as ever, and Worlds Apart is performed end-to-end all in one night without a faux pas!

There really isn’t a lot to complain about here. The production and performance are both top notch. The band performs the usual classic live staples (e.g., “You’re Not Alone,” “Don’t Be Late,” “Careful Where You Step”). The set, overall, seems to be cultivated from their earlier releases, so it should satisfy fans of old. One surprise in the set is perhaps a live rendition of “We’ve Been Here Before” from the severely underrated Wildest Dreams (1987). Even twenty years later, this track sounds punchy as hell performed live. Brian Doerner is once again on drums and provides plenty of rhythmic muscle when needed, especially on tracks like “Keep It Reel” and “Give ‘Em The Money.”

The only complaints are perhaps those that diehard Saga fans might file, albeit they’re minor ones. First, there’s the perfectionists that might suggest that the Worlds Apart set split across both CDs breaks the “flow.” It would have been nicer to perhaps have the album’s complete live set on CD at the cost of sacrificing the order of the show’s original set list. Other than that, subtle nuances, like “Albert’s Conscience” (e.g., “there ain’t no shame”) in-between the choruses of “Framed” are missing. Lastly, it’ll be interesting to see the fan reactions to the piano-only version of “Scratching The Surface,” even though Jim Gilmour didn’t provide any shortcomings on the vocals.

Bottom line, this live CD release is a treat for all Saga fans. There’s a lot of material on hand and it’s presented with clarity, energy, and properly and artistically placed audience participation. It’s a nice way to celebrate and potentially culminate thirty wonderful years of music! A recommended must-buy for all Saga fans, and especially those half-hearted Saga fans that only remember them for their brilliance on the original 1981 Worlds Apart album, or those seeking a live version of that classic!

Track Listing

CD 1
The Pitchman * Give ‘Em The Money * You’re Not Alone * See Them Smile * The Runaway * Ice Nice * On The Loose * Wind Him Up * Amnesia * Framed

CD 2
Time’s Up * The Interview * No Regrets * Conversations * No Stranger * Scratching The Surface * Keep It Reel * We’ve Been Here Before * Humble Stance * Don’t Be Late * How Long * Careful Where You Step


Michael Sadler – Vocals
Ian Crichton – Guitar
Jim Crichton – Bass
Jim Gilmour – Keyboards
Brian Doerner – Drums


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